Top 6 Herbs For Anti Inflammatory

  • julie

    tea is a fantastic anti inflammatory too, specialyl for eye problems, I’ve used it many times with great results, just make a strong brew, wait for it to go cold, and irrigate the eye with it, or lay down with a cold tea bog on your closed eye

  • louise

    Stinging nettles work. A tea.

    • Michelle

      Stinging nettles make a GREAT pasta, too. I actually planted it (in a pot) along with my mint last year so i could have a yummy supply of nettles.

  • Nishy

    As seen in the picture, I have that exact swelling on my foot. It is extremely painful when I wear closed toe shoes. Has anyone had this issue and what can be done to reduce the size and pain?

    • read the above article and use your choice of said herbs seems like a likely treatment

    • bring down the shadow govt

      its gout, drink a gallon of water a day and get in at least 30 min cardio a day.

  • Six cherries a day will keep gout away. They can be canned, frozen, or fresh. this will get rid of the uric acid.

    • Only works if you have mild gout. My fella is a drinker, no two ways about it, and has had gout for almost 30 years. He’s tried cherries, and he’s tried turmeric and boswellia, and all kinds of other things, but it just gets worse every time he gets it (at least once a month)

      • Stop drinking and his body will be able to heal. It can’t get rid of the uric acid if it’s already trying to remove Alcohol.

        • nobody

          So true!!!

      • Ron

        Try Monavie, I have a friend and her husband has gout and he drinks Monavie. http://mymonaive.com/fruitoftheages

        contact me at [email protected]

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        You have to stop the drinking!!!! You can’t put out a fire if there is a gas pipeline spewing fuel straight into the fire!!!! Stop the CAUSE of the inflammation first, then work to heal the inflammation.

      • bring down the shadow govt

        He has to give up beer, wine, cheese, most meats.

        • Barb Schooley

          No Turkey or wild game meats.. no goose. Not to much chicken either. No sardines,Anchovies, herring,, mussels, tuna, tripe. codfish,scallops,trout, or haddock. No organ meats. No Gravies and sauces made with meat. No soups made with meat. No Beer or any alcoholic beverages.
          Do not eat more then a 1/2 cup daily ~ Asparagus, Cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, green peas. No Pea soup!
          No fried foods.

          Once I started following this, I have had no problems, with Gout. Occasionally, I do like my veggies above,tend to splurge a little. Then my toe swells up.
          The Doctor didn’t say anything about cheese, except for Cholesterol, which is another problem I have,

  • I have used turmeric and boswellia for swelling due to tendonitis (from having accessory navicular — an extra bone in my foot — tendon rubs across the extra bone and gets inflamed) — but it did nothing to help my fella’s gout.

    • Pamela Burr

      Until he stops drinking, nothing will work. His body cannot rid itself of the uric acid causing the gout while dealing with the booze. He is doing this to himself. That and a poor diet are the two most often causes of gout. If he wants to feel better he will have to stop doing that which makes him sick. Really there is nothing else too it.

  • Paulo Duto

    Protein in excess as well of alcohol drinks must be well controlled.
    To innibit excess of uric accid “alopurinol”(I drink one pill a day preventively);
    when already gout crisis “colchicina”; both, of course, following the
    the description label of the medicines. So no more gout crisis Ihad. Regards!

  • Paulo Duto

    1-Stop the causes: Excess of protein and alcohol drinks are main causes excess in uric acid.

    2-Uric acid produced by the liver in excess, it crystallizes in the form of rods which are lodged in the joints, starting at the big toe, ankle, …, causing inflammation.

  • Paulo Duto

    3-One pill per day; solves for me; if the attack is occurring colchicina will help dissolve these crystals in order to finish the attack.