Top 6 Herbs For Anti Inflammatory

Herbs For Anti Inflammatory

Inflammation in joints and other parts of your body is a common problem. It may be caused due to arthritis, rheumatism, gout or sprain in the joints etc. The standard treatment for inflammatory condition is over the counter pain relieving medicines.Chronic inflammation needs prolonged treatment and in this condition pain killers can cause other health complications. The treatment for chronic inflammation requires safer methods like natural anti inflammatory herbs. Anti inflammatory herbs are relatively safe and seldom cause any side effects, but you must take them under the supervision of a physician.

Top 6 Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs




Guggul is obtained in form of resin from Guggul plant. It has been in use in Ayurvedic medicine since ages to treat various types of ailments. Guggul is known for its anti inflammatory properties.It is useful for treating chronic and acute cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and muscular inflammation. It reduces pain and inflammation in the joints. Guggul is available in form of tablets and capsules which should be administered under medical supervision.




Turmeric is used as a spice in cooking for enhancing the colour and taste of the dishes. Turmeric has amazing medicinal value and it is a great immunity booster. Curcumin is a compound which has anti inflammatory properties, it is found in abundance in turmeric.Turmeric is useful for reducing pain and swelling in sprains and stiffness in the joints. It strengthens bones and muscles and helps to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Turmeric should be consumed in small doses as it is an extremely potent herb.




Ginger is obtained from the root of the plant. Ginger lowers the level of inflammation inducing hormone, thereby it is a useful anti inflammatory herb. Ginger is consumed in fresh and dried form (sonth).Dry ginger is more potent than fresh one. You can add ginger in your vegetables or eat it raw in form of salad or pickle. Ginger tea is also beneficial for relieving swelling and inflammation in the joints. Ginger supplements are also available at medical stores.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains fatty acids which help to curtail inflammation. Today Aloe Vera is being used for various medical purposes due to its therapeutic value.Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on painful areas; it eliminates inflammation and helps to relax the joints and muscles. Aloe Vera is available in form of juice, capsule and gel. It can be used orally and topically for inflammation.




Boswellia has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since a long time. Its anti inflammatory properties help to ease arthritis pain, improve joint mobility and reduce morning stiffness. Boswellia is a safe anti inflammatory herb that hardly causes any side effects.

Holy Basil


Holy Basil

Holy basil or Tulsi is a sacred plant that is found in most Hindu homes. Its medicinal value is immense and has been mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts.Holy basil has anti inflammatory properties and it relieves joint pain that occurs due to gout, arthritis and osteoporosis. It can be consumed in form of tulsi tea and juice or you can simply chew fresh basil leaves to treat inflammation.


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  • julie

    tea is a fantastic anti inflammatory too, specialyl for eye problems, I’ve used it many times with great results, just make a strong brew, wait for it to go cold, and irrigate the eye with it, or lay down with a cold tea bog on your closed eye

  • louise

    Stinging nettles work. A tea.

    • Michelle

      Stinging nettles make a GREAT pasta, too. I actually planted it (in a pot) along with my mint last year so i could have a yummy supply of nettles.

  • Nishy

    As seen in the picture, I have that exact swelling on my foot. It is extremely painful when I wear closed toe shoes. Has anyone had this issue and what can be done to reduce the size and pain?

    • Geraldine Lewis

      read the above article and use your choice of said herbs seems like a likely treatment

    • bring down the shadow govt

      its gout, drink a gallon of water a day and get in at least 30 min cardio a day.

  • Patricia Diamond Dean

    Six cherries a day will keep gout away. They can be canned, frozen, or fresh. this will get rid of the uric acid.

  • Karin Wikoff

    I have used turmeric and boswellia for swelling due to tendonitis (from having accessory navicular — an extra bone in my foot — tendon rubs across the extra bone and gets inflamed) — but it did nothing to help my fella’s gout.

    • Pamela Burr

      Until he stops drinking, nothing will work. His body cannot rid itself of the uric acid causing the gout while dealing with the booze. He is doing this to himself. That and a poor diet are the two most often causes of gout. If he wants to feel better he will have to stop doing that which makes him sick. Really there is nothing else too it.

  • Paulo Duto

    Protein in excess as well of alcohol drinks must be well controlled.
    To innibit excess of uric accid “alopurinol”(I drink one pill a day preventively);
    when already gout crisis “colchicina”; both, of course, following the
    the description label of the medicines. So no more gout crisis Ihad. Regards!

  • Paulo Duto

    1-Stop the causes: Excess of protein and alcohol drinks are main causes excess in uric acid.

    2-Uric acid produced by the liver in excess, it crystallizes in the form of rods which are lodged in the joints, starting at the big toe, ankle, …, causing inflammation.

  • Paulo Duto

    3-One pill per day; solves for me; if the attack is occurring colchicina will help dissolve these crystals in order to finish the attack.