13 Herbal Remedies For Joint Pain

Herbal Remedies For Joint Pain

Joint pain is the pain in any joint of the whole body but mostly it happens in the leg joint also called as arthritis. The treatment of the joint pain is done only after examining the causes of the joint pain and the severity and the condition of the patient. Herbal remedies can be resorted if the patient himself/herself knows the possible cause behind the pain like injury or age factor else medical advice should be taken. Some of the herbs can be used by taking them in the form of a pill or capsule while some have to be applied topically. The topical applications give result faster than the tablets as they are directly applied on the painful area. The famous herbs that are used for the treatment of joint pain are as follows:

13 Herbal Remedies For Joint Pain


Arnica For Joint Pain

Arnica is a herb that is found in many products like ointments and tablets made for pain relief. The homeopathic medicine also uses this herb in their preparations. One famous homeopathic medicine comes by the name of arnica tablets. Joint pain is caused due to the change in the prostaglands and arnica reverses the change of the prostaglandins. Arnica can also be rubbed on the affected skin. Arnica balm and creams are also available in the market to give relief from soreness and stiffness.


Boswellia Reduce Joint Pain

Boswellia herb contains boswellia serrata which has very good for the inflammation of the joints. They prevent the WBC of the body from the damage. This herb is also available with other combination like with turmeric powder and bromelain.It is a natural pain reliever and its extract can be used for gout as well.


Ashwagandha For Joint Pain

Ashwagandha is one of the important ingredients of the medicines of the joint pain. The scientific name of this herb is Withania somnifera and you can see this name on the medicinal labels. It reduces the pain and the swelling in the joints as it has very good anti-inflammatory properties.


Bromelain For Joint Pain

Bromelain is a herb that can be obtained from the pineapple plant.Bromelain can be obtained by crushing the stem of the pineapple plant. Bromelain produces a chemical known as prostaglandin E1 that is anti-inflammatory and stops the production of prostaglandin E2 which cause inflammation in the joints. Bromelain heals joint faster as the protein in the body spreads to the tissues of the swollen joints.

 Cats Claw

Cats Claw For Joint Pain

The cats claw has an ingredient known as sterol’s which helps to decrease the swelling in the joints. The cats claw also helps to build the strength of the immune system. This herb is very successful for the treatment of cancer as well.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper For Joint Pain

If the joint pain is caused due to the over dosage of aspirin then cayenne pepper is a very good herb for healing joint pains. The cream made by cayenne pepper is available at the drug store which can be rubbed on the affected area to get relief. The cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which acts reduces the swelling of the joints. The application of this cream should be in smaller quantity as it may cause skin allergies. The application of this cream stops the brain nerves to think about or react to the pain. The cayenne pepper can be mixed with honey for better results and so that proper quantity of the medicine should be taken by the patient.

Devils Claw

Devils Claw For Joint Pain

Devils claw is anti-analgesic and anti-inflammation herb that is very good for healing joint pains. Devils claw is a wine that originated in South Africa as a wild plant. Now this herb is grown in several countries due to its medicinal properties. So it has to undergo through a process to become a safe medicine in a coating form. The enteric coated form of this tablet keeps inflammatory substance at a distance from the affected area and the tissues.


Ginger Reduce Joint Pain

The herb ginger that is found at all places and every home has gingerols in it which has got a very good healing properties. The active ingredients in ginger are gingerols that has very good healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger tea can also be taken but the quantity of ginger that should be there depends on the weather conditions. Gingerols helps to prevent the inflammation in the joints by stopping the elements (cytokines) responsible for the inflammation in the joints.


Turmeric For Joint Pain

Turmeric powder is the most ancient herb and it is very beneficial for joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be taken with milk or turmeric can be rubbed on the painful area. This is equally good for arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. The turmeric is used in all the preparation of food in India and is a good antiseptic.

Willow Bark

Willow Bark For Joint Pain

Willow bark is the herb that is obtained from white willow tree popularly known as natural aspirin because the main component is same as in willow bark. This will cure all the problems that aspirin can but it take longer time than aspirin but the results will also last long. It will also fulfill the need of probiotic in your body. The limitation of aspirin is not in the willow bark as it is a herb which will never cause bleeding and the stomach wall will not be affected.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf Reduce Joint Pain

Nettle leaf can be applied externally on the affected area. The cartilage degradation can be blocked with the use of nettle leaf. The extracts of the nettle leaf can also be used for the treatment of many diseases.


Licorice Reduce Joint Pain

Licorice herb relieves the joint pain and the stiffness of the joints. It can be used as flavoring agent in foods and beverages or it can be taken by boiling the leaves of it in water .It is available with other herbal combination at a drug store.


Ginseng Reduce Joint Pain

Ginseng root powder is available in the market which can be rubbed on the affected area. Ginseng extracts can be taken with other combinations to combat the pain immediatel. The root of this herb is very good for female problems and joint pain as well.