9 Natural Treatments For Nerve Pain

Natural Treatments For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is also referred to as “Neuralgia” and “Neuropathic Pain” and is caused by factors such as diabetes, shingles, multiple sclerosis and tissue inflammation. Symptoms such as burning sensation and numbness may be experienced by an individual suffering from this problem. The pain can be cured with the use of different natural treatments.

Natural Treatments for Nerve Pain


Clove Reduce Nerve Pain

Clove is one of the simplest natural treatments. A paste made with the use of clove extract can be applied on the affected area to cure the pain.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil Reduce Nerve Pain

Evening primrose seeds are rich in gamma-linoleic acid. This compound has anti-inflammatory properties. Intake of evening primrose can provide relief from the symptoms. This natural treatment can cause side effects such as mild nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea and should be used in accordance with the instructions of a medical professional.


Valerian Tea Reduce Nerve Pain

Valerian is a natural pain reliever which can be used to reduce chronic nerve pain. Its extract can be taken to obtain the desired results. Another option is to prepare and consume valerian tea on a regular basis. Use of this treatment can also help in reducing the sensitivity of the nerves.


Camphor Oil Reduce Nerve Pain

Camphor is frequently used in the treatment of bruises and inflammation. Rubbing camphor oil on the affected area can help in curing the swelling and obtaining relief from the pain. It can also treat the spasms of the nervous system that may increase the pain. Intake of camphor is not recommended.


Peppermint Oil Reduce Nerve Pain

Diluted peppermint oil can be massaged on the affected area to reduce the inflammation. Peppermint leaves can be boiled in water to prepare tea. Intake of this tea may also provide relief from the pain.

Warm Compress

Warm Compress

Taking a bath with warm water can help in curing the nerve pain. This natural treatment can help in increasing the flow of blood and reducing the physical and mental stress. A cloth soaked in warm water can be placed on the affected area to obtain effective results.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B Rich Food Reduce Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can also result from vitamin B deficiency. Intake of vitamin B can help in repairing the damaged nerves and improving nerve health. Food items such as lean meats, whole grains, nuts, and beans can be included in the diet consumed on a daily basis to obtain this vitamin.

Jamaica Dogwood

Jamaica Dogwood Reduce Nerve Pain

Jamaica dogwood has been used traditionally in the treatment of nerve pain. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. A cup of tea can be prepared by boiling dried Jamaica dogwood bark (1 teaspoon) in water and consumed 3 to 4 times per day to relieve muscle spasms and inflammation caused by the problem. Use of this natural treatment can result in serious side effects. Therefore, a medical professional should be consulted before using Jamaica dogwood.

Cold Compress

Cold Compress Reduce Nerve Pain

An ice pack can be kept on the painful area for a period of 15 to 20 minutes to reduce the pain. Another option is to apply a washcloth soaked in cold water on the affected area to treat the inflammation resulting from the problem.