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Top 8 Natural Cures For Herpes Virus

  • Herry Michael

    NATURAL HERBS REMEDY CURE HSV TYPE 2. I am from USA i was diagnosed with Hsv type. I cried for days. I was devastated and looking up info on it just made it worse. I don’t know how long I have had it for. I don’t know if my partner has it or if she was the one who transferred it to me. I had one outbreak . That’s how I found out I had the virus. I started taking and antiviral and took it everyday twice a day to make sure I wasn’t able to get an outbreak. I was terrified. Stress wasn’t helping my situation. I try not to think about me having the virus because of my depression i couldn’t. so I have to focus more on how to get rid of Hsv type 2 because i don’t want anything to happen to my daughter and thank God she was born fine. i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs like acyclovir, Zovirax, and (valacyclovir)Valtrex without get rid of my virus. one day i decide to surf the internet for cure so i saw a testimony total cure of herpes by Dr. Ekiadola with natural herbs so i pick up the email Address: [email protected] and contact him an hour later he reply explain to me how am going to get the herbs and how am going to use it to cure my virus i give a try believe me it work perfectly i used it within seven days now am tested negative i am free from the virus thanks Doc. for so many passing through this contact Dr. ekiadola to help you get rid of the virus. here is his email address: [email protected] you can also add him on whats app +2349057915075 He can as well cure so many diseases like……….. 1. ALS 2. HPV 3. CANCER 4. HIV/AIDS 5. BREAST ENLARGEMENT