Chest congestion is the conglomeration of mucus and fluid in the lungs. A person suffering from chest congestion may experience cough, chest pains and difficulty in breathing. It can be mild or severe and severe chest congestion is audible as it makes the voice very harsh. Some of the possible causes of chest congestion include post nasal-drip, infection in the sinus, allergies, bronchitis or occurrence of pneumonia.

chest congestion

The chest congestion can be cured with the help of some easily available herbs as the herbs contain some essential oils and expectorants that clears the passage of the respiration. Essential oils are antibacterial in nature as they kill the bacteria causing infections. The use of herbs makes it possible to inhale original vaporizer that gives relief from congestion instantly. Scents make you feel fresh and your spirits get positive energy in the same way the vapors make it easy for you to breathe properly.

Though there are lots of herbal remedies for the treatment of chest congestion but some of the most effective and easily available herbs for the cure of chest congestion are given here.

Top 5 Herbal Remedies for Chest Congestion


The herb anise helps you to clear your air passages as it is antibacterial and acts as an expectorant. You can take anise in the form of tea or dried powder can be taken with water at night before . This herb can be mixed with sugar, garlic, cinnamon or honey to make it delectable. However this herb is not recommended for those allergic to anethole.



The herb horseradish is a spicy condiment. But the extract of horseradish is very good for the cure of congestion in the chest as it acts as an expectorant. The syrup of this herb is available in drug stores for use in the form of an elixir. However this herb is not suggested for children less than four years of age and the person allergic to iodine.



The herb eucalyptus is used to clear all the blockages in the air passages. The vapors of eucalyptus when inhaled will give you instant relief from congestion. Add some drops of eucalyptus oil into boiling water and inhale the vapors from the water. The eucalyptus is available in the form of vapor rub and oil.



Echinacea herb is very famous for the treatment of wounds and prevents spread of infection. But very few people are aware of the fact that this herb is equally effective for the relief from the symptoms of common cold, cough, sneezing and congestion. When these symptoms subsides then the chest congestion will definitely go away. This herb is available in the form of capsule, tea, extract and powdered form.



Goldenseal herb is very effective herb for the treatment of several diseases. It is commonly used to cure common cold, cough and infection in the respiratory system. This herb has antimicrobial and expectorant properties which decreases the formation of mucus and thus reduces the congestion in the chest.

You can take goldenseal in the form of capsule, tablet or extract and it is easily available in various health stores.


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