Natural Cure To Pink Eye

Pink eye is the condition in which the eyes become red or pink in colour. It causes an inflammation in the mucous membrane lining the eyelid. There are different kinds of pink eyes that are caused by virus or bacteria.

It causes extreme discomfort and can cause serious eye damage. It is also known as conjunctivitis and is of different types viz. bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and giant papillary conjunctivitis. Symptoms of pink eye include itchiness, redness, teariness, pain, body ache, swelling, colorless mucous discharge and watering.

It is very common among the babies and children. The treatment of pink eye is usually done by using antibiotics. It can also be treated naturally. But it is always better to consult the doctor before trying the natural methods. It may take 24 hours to few weeks to treat pink eye completely.

Top Natural Cures for Pink Eye


Salt For Pink Eye

Add one tablespoon of salt in one cup of boiled water. Dissolve it and allow the mixture to cool down. Washing the eyes with this solution on a regular basis is beneficial for the eyes. Using this remedy for several times in a day is recommended.

Garlic & Zinc

Garlic & Zinc For Pink Eye

Eating raw form of garlic is helpful in quickly treating the pink eye. It contains allicin that has antiviral and antibacterial properties which are beneficial for the patients suffering from pink eye. Consuming zinc supplements is beneficial in the treatment of pink eye. It has anti-viral properties and dissolving them under the tongue is helpful in treating the viral pink eye.


Comfrey For Pink Eye

Make a combination of one teaspoon of comfrey root, one teaspoon of raspberry leaf and one teaspoon of goldenseal root. Add this mixture in one cup of boiled water.

Soak the herbs for at least thirty to sixty minutes to make an infusion. Allow the mixture to cool and wash the eyes by filling the eye dropper with it. Using it on a regular basis is beneficial.


Echinacea For Pink Eye

Echinacea can be used in the form of tincture. Using half to one teaspoon of this tincture form every hour would help in reducing the symptoms associated with pink eye. Echinacea is helpful in boosting up the immune system and is useful for treating flu and common cold. It is beneficial for clearing the pink eye quickly.

Chamomile & Green Tea

Chamomile & Green Tea For Pink Eye

Tea prepared from chamomile is helpful in the treatment of pink eye. It helps in reducing symptoms like itchiness and burning. It has soothing properties and helps in reducing swelling and itchiness. Green tea bags after cooling can be applied over the closed eye lids.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack Helps To Reduce Pink Eye

Applying ice pack over the eyes would help in reducing pink eye symptoms like itchiness, redness and swelling. Soak a piece of clean cloth in cold water and remove excess water. Putting this wet cloth over the eyes would be beneficial. Use this remedy on a regular basis and continuously replace the cloths and water.

Honey & Coriander

Honey & Coriander Helps To Reduce Pink Eye

Prepare a mixture by adding honey and warm milk in equal quantity. Apply this mixture over the eyes using a cotton ball. It can also be used as an eye drop or in the form of compress. The compress can be prepared by soaking the cloth in the mixture.

While honey has antibacterial properties, milk has soothing and calming effects that reduces inflammation. Coriander is also beneficial for the treatment of pink eye. Take dried form of coriander in water and boil it. Strain it and cool.

Wash Hands Properly

Wash Hands Properly

Washing hands with soap and water before treating the pink eye is recommended. This helps in removing the bacteria which can cause further infection. Using warm cloth is beneficial for the patients. Compress prepared using warm cloth would help in reducing the negative side effects associated with pink eye.


Calendula Helps In Healing Pink Eye

Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing and healing the eyes. Take one to two teaspoons of calendula in dried form and add it in hot water. Soak the herb for one hour and dip cotton ball in the solution once cooled. Apply it over the infected area and cover it for ten minutes.

Goldenseal & Raspberry

Goldenseal & Raspberry For Pink Eye

Goldenseal can be used as eyewash that is helpful for the treatment of pink eye. It contains barbering which is beneficial for reducing the infections. Red raspberry is beneficial for treating pink eye and can be used as eyewash. Use fresh leaves and berries for preparing the eyewash.

Aloe & Chamomile

Aloe & Chamomile For Pink Eye

Applying aloe over the infected eyes would provide help for the treatment of pink eye. The leaves of aloe can be rubbed over the upper and lower lids of eyes. It helps in reducing redness and soothing the pain.

Chamomile has anti-bacterial properties that help in calming the pink eye. Take one teaspoon of chamomile and add it in boiling water. Soak it for five to ten minutes and apply over the infected eye using the cotton ball. Keep the eyes as such for ten minutes.

Jasmine & Eyebright

Jasmine & Eyebright For Pink Eye

Jasmine is effective in the treatment of pink eye. Soak jasmine flowers in distilled water for 8 hours and use the water as eye drops. Eyebright tea is useful for treating pink eye. Soak one teaspoon of the herb in one cup of hot water.

Strain it once it is cooled. It is also available in the form of tincture. Take one cup of boiled and cold water. Add five drops of eyebright tincture in it and apply over the infected area using the cotton ball.

Vitamin C & Zinc

Vitamin C & Zinc Helps To Reduce Pink Eye

Consuming two thousand to six thousand milligrams of vitamin C on a daily basis is helpful in protecting the eyes from damage. Foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E such as raw fruits and vegetables are beneficial.

Consuming fifty milligrams of zinc every day is useful for the immune system. Do not take more than hundred milligrams of zinc per day. Using zinc gluconate lozenges is good for absorption.

Potato & Turmeric

Potato & Turmeric For Pink Eye

Take raw potato and cut into slices. Putting them over the infected eyes would provide relief from pink eye. Using this remedy for three consecutive nights is beneficial. Turmeric can be helpful in treating pink eye. Add two tablespoons of turmeric in one cup of boiled water. Use this mixture as a compress and apply over the infected eye.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.