Top 14 Natural Cures For Eye FloatersEye floaters are tiny sized dark spots that appear in front of the eyes. Other than dots, they can appear in varied shapes and sizes. These are actually clumps of proteins. Eye floaters can be annoying and irritating but cause no real threat. Though they are harmless, it is difficult to cure them. These can be prevented using natural treatments that help in reducing the stress which is one of the causes of eye floaters.

These are formed through aging process in most of the cases and by the detachment of vitreous humor from retina in some of the cases. Other causes of eye floaters include age, retinal detachment, cataract surgery, diabetes, infection, traumatic eye injury etc. If these eye floaters are associated with vision problems or flashes, this is an emergency condition and needs immediate attention.

Eye drops formulated with omega 3 fatty acids are often given to the patients by the doctor. The natural treatment methods would help in improving the condition of eyes as well as treating eye floaters.

Top Natural Cures For Eye Floaters


MassageMassaging is good for the patients suffering from eye floaters. This also helps in reducing the stress experienced by the eyes. Aromatic oils can be used for massaging purpose.

Start by massaging the forehead between eyebrows and temples inward and outward motion. This natural method helps in keeping the patients away from eye stress. Repeat this massage for about twenty minutes in each motion.


MeditationMeditation and relaxation techniques are helpful in providing relief to the patients suffering from eye floaters. Meditation on a daily basis is a very important methodology that provides extreme relaxation. There are a number of methods that can be used for relaxing the eyes, if eye floaters persist.

Rolling Eyes

Rolling the eyes is a good exercise that helps the patients who suffer from eye floaters. To start, sit on a chair and then pull back the head to face above.

Roll the eyes in clockwise direction and then counter clockwise direction. Do this slowly to avoid dizziness. Repeating this exercise for about ten minutes in both the directions one by one is recommended.

Turmeric & Juices

TurmericTurmeric is useful for the treatment of eye floaters. It acts as a natural inflammation modulator and can be consumed in the form of supplements.

Juices prepared from fresh vegetables and fruits are helpful for the patients suffering from eye floaters. Organic form of these fruits and vegetables should be used. A combination of foods can also be good for their health. This combination includes celery, raspberry, carrot, beet, garlic and parsley.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for treating eye floaters. These acids are found in flaxeed oil, borage and fish oil. These acids have been found to be very effective in reducing inflammation and supporting the production of tears.


VitaminsVitamins are very beneficial for the treatment of eyes. Vitamin C and vitamin B6 are some of the vitamins that are found to be effective in the metabolism of essential fatty acids. These vitamins are also helpful for optimizing the omega 3 fatty acids in the body.


Phospholipids are useful for the treatment of eye floaters. These phospholipids are helpful to assist the stabilization of eye’s tear film layers. Phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine are some of the phospholipids that are found to be effective in treating eye floaters.

Reduce Stress

Reduce StressStress is one of the causes of eye floaters and hence reducing stress would benefit the patients of eye floaters. One should use stress management techniques that are helpful for reducing the visibility of eye floaters. Prayer is a wonderful way for reducing stress.

Patients should also try spending time with nature as it is one of the options that help the people in lowering the stress. Exercising on a daily basis is beneficial for the patients. Pilates or Tai Chi is also good for reducing stress and developing a relaxing lifestyle.

Relaxation Exercise

Relaxing the eyes is beneficial for the patients suffering from eye floaters. Start this eye relaxing exercise by first sitting comfortably.

One should rub the palms to make them warm and then cover the eyes for about five to ten seconds. Repeating this exercise for approximately five times per day would be beneficial for the patients.

Milk Thistle

Milk ThistleMilk thistle is helpful for the treatment of eye floaters. Seeds of milk thistle herb have beneficial properties and have been found to be very effective in treating the eye floaters. It is thought to be one of the effective remedies.

Focusing Exercise

Focusing is one of the methods of meditation which is helpful for the patients. One should hold the arm stretch in one’s front and then point the index finger up.

One should stare at the finger while it moves closer to one’s eyes at about six inches from the face. Continue to look and then pull the finger back ahead. Focus again and repeat the exercise for ten times.

Keeping The Eyes Hydrated

Keeping The Eyes HydratedKeeping the eyes hydrated would help the patients suffering from eye floaters. MSM eye drops are useful for hydrating the eyes. MSM is also available in the form of powder.

The powdered form of MSM can be added into water that can be used as eyebath. Using this remedy on a daily basis would help in reducing the symptoms associated with eye floaters. Hyaluronic acid is also a good option.


Anti-oxidants are helpful for the patients suffering from eye floaters. Beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C are rich sources of anti-oxidants.

Foods and juices that are rich in anti-oxidants are good for the health of patients. Dark leafy vegetables, lemon, juice carrots and all brightly coloured vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants.

Check For Inflammation Or Infection

Consult The DoctorPatients suffering from eye floaters should consult the doctor to determine the cause of the disease. They should check whether the eye floaters that are caused due to inflammation or infection of white blood cells.

Accordingly, patients can take anti-inflammatory medication or antibiotic as prescribed by the doctors as no other medications or eye drops would benefit in such situations

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