8 Home Remedies For Lichen Planus

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  • Cat Sker

    BEWARE…Ginger makes OLP BURN!!!

  • Gregory Lacefield

    My wife had the disease a year ago. We went to two dermatologists seeking treatment and cure. Nothing they prescribed helped. I then hit upon the idea to treat the problem both internally and externally. I ordered Turmeric tablets with vitamin C and a Turmeric cream taking that approach. To my surprise, it worked totally and thoroughly. The condition never appeared again after 1 year. I hope this will help someone as it is very simple. This is not a promise that it will work for every person, but it may help for those where nothing else will. My wife was very upset that doctors could do nothing. I ordered all products through Amazon and immediately saw good results after less than two weeks. This regimen may help for other uncurable skin disorders. If it works for you, please spread the word to others

    • Ravi M

      May i know the exact names for : Turmeric tablets with vitamin C and a Turmeric cream. So, i would like to try those.

    • tanishka enterprises

      Hi Gregory . Please could you advise the exact name of the turmeric tablets and cream that you ordered. Thank you