Dry mouth is also referred to as “Xerostomia’’. It is caused by factors such as dehydration, diabetes, side effects of certain medications, nerve damage and smoking. A person suffering from this problem may experience sticky feeling in the mouth, frequent thirst, bad breath, sores and burning sensation, dry and red tongue and difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.

dry mouth

The symptoms associated with this medical condition can be cured with the use of different natural treatments.

Natural Treatments for Dry Mouth


Adequate intake of water (8 to 10 glasses) on a daily basis can reduce the problem and treat the associated symptoms. A person should consume a glass of water after each meal to get the desired results.


Celery Sticks

Consumption of celery sticks on a frequent basis can help in stimulating the flow of saliva and reduce the dryness in the mouth.

celery sticks


A person can chew aniseed on a regular basis to relieve bad breath associated with the problem. Intake of a mixture of aniseed and fennel seeds can provide effective results. A mouthwash can be prepared by soaking aniseed, mint leaves and rosemary in water before sleeping.

This mouthwash (strained) can be used to rinse the mouth in the morning to get rid of the problem. This treatment should be used on a daily basis.



Turmeric powder (half teaspoon) can be mixed in a glass of warm water and used for gargling every morning to cure the medical condition. A paste created with the use of fresh turmeric can be applied on the sores to treat the burning sensation in the mouth.



A small piece of ginger can be chewed multiple times in a week to stimulate the flow of saliva. A natural tonic prepared by steeping grated ginger in hot water for a few minutes can be consumed several times in a day to get effective results.



Gentian extract can be diluted with water and used for rinsing the mouth on a frequent basis to reduce the problem. Daily intake of gentian root tea can also help in increasing the flow of saliva.


The symptoms associated with dry mouth can be relieved with the use of parsley. A person can chew parsley leaves on a daily basis.

Another alternative is to rinse the mouth with a mixture of raw parsley juice and water.



Consumption of lemon water several times in a day can reduce the problem. A mixture made by diluting lemon juice with water can also be used for rinsing the mouth on a frequent basis to obtain the desired results. A person can mix lemon juice, baking soda and salt in water and consume this tonic multiple times in a day.



Grapeseed extract can be applied in the mouth to deal with the problem. A person can rinse his/her mouth with a mixture of grapeseed oil and water to relieve the symptoms.

A mouthwash prepared with the use of grapeseed and clove oil, baking soda and sea salt can be used to rinse the mouth 2 to 3 times in a day to get effective results.

grape seeds

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