7 Cures For Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is also referred to as ‘’Renel Disease’’. It is caused by factors such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, high cholesterol, vasculitis, sickle cell, liver and heart disease. Symptoms of the problem include swelling in the legs, frequent urination, fatigue, puffy eyes, itching, pale skin, loss of appetite, vomiting, headache and chest pain.

Further, it may also result in shortness of breath, accumulation of fluid in the lungs, joint pain, disturbed sleep and easy bruising. Various natural cures can be used in the treatment of this problem.

7 Natural Cures for Kidney Disease


Vitamins can treat kidney diseases caused by diabetes, hypertension and congenital kidney disorder. Intake of food items rich in vitamin D is essential to treat the problem. Vitamin B and vitamin C are water soluble vitamins that can help an individual in recovering from the effects of dialysis. Further, vitamin C can help in repairing the tissues. These vitamins are found in milk, kiwi, orange and egg.

Vitamin D

Aloe Vera

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can protect the kidneys from damage. Drinking aloe vera juice (1/4th cup) on a daily basis may help in flushing out the kidney stones.

Aloe vera leaf extract can be added to a cup of apple/cranberry juice and consumed on a frequent basis to obtain the desired results. Intake of a mixture of aloe vera gel and lemon juice can also help in removing the toxins.

Aloe Vera

Oregon Grape Root

Oregon grape root is scientifically known as “Mahonia Aquifolium’’. A cup of tea prepared with oregon grape root can be consumed 2 to 3 times in a day to cure the problem within a short period of time. A mixture of oregon grape and wild cherry root can also be used for preparing tea to cure urinary tract infections resulting from the disease.



Ginger is one of the most effective natural cures. Drinking ginger tea multiple times on a daily basis can protect the kidneys from various infections and diseases.

Regular intake of ginger juice can promote better functioning of the kidneys. Ginger juice can be diluted with watermelon and raspberry juice and consumed to cure various symptoms associated with the problem.



Parsley is also known as “Petroselinum Crispum’’. Parsley leaves contain “Myristicin‘’and “Psoralen’’. These compounds can treat different types of kidney diseases. Intake of parsley juice can help in flushing out waste from the body and improve the functioning of kidneys.



Dandelion green salad can be consumed on a regular basis to reduce the swelling (in legs) resulting from the disease. A cup of dandelion tea can be consumed on a frequent basis to reduce the impact of diabetes on the kidneys.

This natural remedy can also prevent the growth of kidney stones. Dandelion and slippery elm bark can be mixed to prepare a natural tonic and consumed to obtain effective results.

Dandelion Roots


Buchu can be used as a natural cure to treat kidney disease and various types of urinary tract infections. Buchu tea can be taken multiple times on a daily basis to get relief from the symptoms.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.