HoarsenessAn unusual change and huskiness in voice which is caused due to stimulation in the vocal cords is known as hoarseness. It happens due to a swelling in the adams apple, or due to some infections, excessive use of voice, irritation in the windpipe etc.When the cords are tightened up the vibration tends to get higher and there is a roughness in the voice.

Hoarseness should be treated immediately since it may lead to cancer and there are a few natural home remedies which can help a person instantly to overcome the problem without much effort, time and expense and they are as follows: –

Effective Natural Cures For Hoarseness

Turmeric Milk

Smoking, dry air and to stay in an unclean environment or dusty areas cause coughing and irritation in the throat.

Sweet And Sour

Water with Lemon and Honey

Honey as a sweetener when put in lime tea is an effective remedy in curing throat irritation and a sip of such tea clears the cords and gives way to the air. Citric acid helps in killing germs and honey helps in healing.

Sucking Lozenges


Sucking of lozenges or anything sweet or mint helps in increment of salivating and keeps the throat watery which helps to overcome irritation.

Lubrication Of Throat

Drink Water

Normally fifteen glasses of water or about five liters of water or any liquid should be taken in during the day to keep the throat moist and away from dryness.

Onion Residue


Gargling with a mixture of liquid from onions, lime and the sweetener honey helps in curing the soreness in the throat.

Roots Of The Ginger


The skin of the roots of ginger should be peeled and the roots when sliced should be placed into a container of water. The water should be then boiled until it turns pale yellow. Honey should be therefore added and it should be sipped for clearance of the throat.

Speak Less

Since hoarseness causes swelling and to reduce the movement chords speaking should be minimized.

Herbal Treatment

A herb called sage acts as a flavor in some food and can even cure soreness, hoarseness etc and give relief to the throat. It is readily available in form of leaves, oils etc. This herb when mixed with water and gargled softens and clears the throat.


Roots of licorice help in curing swellings, ulcers in the throat or stomach etc. The roots of this herb should be boiled and then gargled with systematically in order for a good cure.


Gargling with warm water mixed with salt every night for about ten days helps in better functioning of the throat and helps a person attain a good voice. It is normally recommended to gargle every day.

Inhaling Of Steam


Steam with a pinch of liquefied vicks or balm should be inhaled with the head covered and this process should be repeated until the problem subsides.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.