Ear Congestion

Piling of certain fluids at the back of the ear drums is commonly known as ear congestion and it all occurs due to the bacterial infections, sinus etc. taking place in the middle ears. The staying back of liquid causes pain and infection is the ears. The immunity system of a person goes low due to the infections.

Proper medicines should be prescribed since it is quite complicated and leads to absurd hearing. Ear congestion might occur due to difference in air pressure also which we individuals normally experience in an aircraft.

Natural cures are the best remedies without much effort and expense to get freedom and all need to be done is to follow them until the problem is tackled completely and the guide below will give a list in hand and help us to get rid of ear congestion. They are:-

8 Effective Natural Cures For Ear Congestion

Garlic And Sesame Oil Acting As Natural Ear Drops

Garlic And Sesame Oil

To keep out of allergies a lot of ingredients from the kitchen are used but garlic liquid which acts as a pain remover and sesame oil which is lukewarm is very effective and one of the useful home remedies. For relief drops of mustard seeds and olive seeds oil can also be used.

Air Swallowing

Air Swallowing

A technique in which swallowing of air takes place to clear up the tubes and to remove the extra liquid accumulated at the back of the ears is a very common method to remove ear congestion. Chewing of gums and liquids intake help in curing this problem. The density and the volume of blood increases due to a good intake of liquids and this in turn increases the immunity system.

Meditation And Exercises

Meditation And Exercises

Taking in air through the mouth by simply closing your nose is commonly known as “aalom vilom” and is a beneficial remedy.

Compression With Hot Salt

Compression With Hot Salt

Inside a thick cloth warm salt should be tied up and should be safe enough to be used. Application of the cloth behind the ear for a short span of time acts as a reliever since it helps the flow of liquid.

Extraction From Mango Leaves

Mango Leaves

Crushing or grinding of leaves of mango tree and the juice should slightly be warmed and with the ear dropper about four drops of the mixture should be poured. The procedure should be followed in a day for about three times.

Breast Milk Being An Effective Remedy

The natural anti-bodies present in the breast milk helps to heal faster and drops of the milk should be poured in the ears which are infected. This process should be repeated in few hours and this lessens the infection.

Cleaning Of Ears

Cleaning Of Ears

The ears should be periodically cleaned with the ear buds so that there is no accumulation of the wax.

Bathing With Hot Water And Inhaling Of Steam

Bathing With Hot Water

To get rid of the jammed passages in the body inhaling of steam with a mix of peppermint with covered head is very effective and very beneficial. Putting of herbs in the water makes it a herbal treatment.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.