Chest Infection

Chest infection is a viral infection affecting the respiratory system of people with a feeble immune system. The trachea and the larynx get affected and in a few cases it may turn into pneumonia or bronchitis. Chest infection causes pain and uneasiness due to the stress towards the chest or uneasiness in breathing.

Every individual can get such infections and a proper medical aid should be provided. There are various homemade or natural remedies an individual should apply in getting a clear chest or an easy breathing and no external aid is required. They are:-

6 Natural Cures For Chest Infection

Ginger The Medicament


The roots of ginger have been considered very precious and helpful giving a medicinal effect. It is very helpful in killing bacteria and other germs which affect various parts of the body.

Due to the properties of killing the germs and reducing the swelling it is recommendatory for congestions. With the sweetener when taken it does an immediate brilliant effect. The intake of ginger creates heat inside the body which helps in liquefying the mucus and cleansing the respiratory tract.

Onions And Garlic The Natural Ailment 

Onions And Garlic The Natural Ailment

Sautéed onions is an effective remedy and a pinch of curry powder and oil from olives when mixed with onions does the effect and is the ultimate ailment. The sautéed onions is not an ailment for breathing but is a magic for infection.

The sulphur present in onions help in getting away with mucus and the curry leaves in loosening it. A residue of garlic, the sweetener and cloves should be taken after it is kept overnight to clear infections.

An Effect Of Holy Basil

Holy Basil

The basil commonly known as tulsi is considered to be very holy and a medicine for various diseases. A residue made out of basil leaves, lemon, ginger, honey should be taken in at least for a span of four days every night to get a relief from infection. The leaves help in killing germs and viruses which harm the body.

An Increment Of Peppery Savories

An Increment Of Peppery Savories

A stuffy nose, a congested chest or a problem of sinus can be all cured by an intake of hot and spicy food. The piquant food helps in smashing and dilution of mucus which in turns helps in cleansing of the respiratory tract. The removal of mucus helps in opening the air passage and then the breathing becomes easier.

High Intake Of Liquids And Inhaling Of Steam


An individual should intake at least either five liters or eight glasses of water each day. The intake of fluids is highly beneficial since it does not solidify the mucus, rather allow it to settle and even keeps the body away from diseases.

To get over with congestion or infection the inhaling of steam is very effective. The inhaling of hot water with an addition of peppermint oil and a covered head with a towel is very helpful in opening up the air passages and liquefying of mucus.



The breathing techniques or yoga helps in reducing grief and a slacken in breathing pacifies the body. Meditation brings about changes in the heart, blood vessels and even affects the nervous system.

The immunity system gets increased and there is a spiritual thinking due to which there is less stress and worries in one’s life.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.