5 Cures For Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Skin wounds, peeling of the skin and insect/animal bites may also lead to cellulitis. People with weak immune system or suffering from diabetes are at a higher risk of developing this medical condition. It can occur anywhere on the body.


An individual suffering from this problem may exhibit symptoms such as skin inflammation, redness, irritation and rashes, pain and tenderness in the affected area. This problem might also result in fever, chills, muscle ache, fatigue, sweating and joint stiffness. The use of different types of natural cures can provide relief from this skin infection.

Natural Cures for Cellulitis


The anti-bacterial properties of garlic can help in killing the bacteria that may cause cellulitis. Garlic cloves (3 to 4) can be taken on a daily basis with a glass of water to flush out the bacteria from the body.

Application of garlic juice on the infected area several times in a day can relieve the symptoms associated with the skin infection.



Goldenseal can be used as an effective natural remedy. It contains alkaloid which has anti-bacterial properties. An individual can prepare a natural paste by mixing goldenseal powder with water and apply it on the affected parts of the body to reduce the inflammation, irritation and redness resulting from the problem. This paste should be kept applied for 4 to 5 hours. A cotton ball soaked in goldenseal extract can be applied on the infected area multiple times in a week to obtain the desired results. It is advisable to cover the infected area (after the application) with a soft cloth bandage to prevent the growth of infection.

golden seal tea


Neem is a member of the “Meliaceae’’ family. The oil extracted from neem tree can be applied on the skin to kill the bacteria. Neem seed oil mixed with water can also be used for washing the affected area.

Neem leaf juice can be applied to treat the skin wounds and insect/animal bites. Intake of neem leaf juice diluted with water on a regular basis can also provide relief from the symptoms.

neem oil


The anti-infective properties of vitamin A can help in curing the skin condition. Intake of vitamin C can heal the skin wounds and rashes. Further, it can also help in boosting the immune system. Consumption of vitamin E is important to reduce the growth of skin infection. Food items rich in these vitamins include carrot, orange, olive oil, nuts, dairy products, wheat germ oil, almond butter and sunflower seeds.


Turmeric Powder

The antibiotic properties of turmeric powder can help in the treatment of cellulitis. Direct application of a mixture prepared with the use of turmeric powder and honey on the infected area on a frequent basis can treat various symptoms associated with the problem.

Turmeric powder can also be mixed with water to make a natural paste and applied on the affected area to obtain the desired results within a short span of time. Another option is to apply a combination of turmeric powder and tea tree oil.