Cure For Vertigo

Unsteady state coupled with the spinning head sensation is called dizziness or vertigo. This condition arises due to intake of food at improper time or when you are suffering from fever. Dizziness is also common in people with low blood pressure.

Other causes of vertigo include wearing new eyeglasses, nervous problems, allergies, cold and many more. You can cure dizziness that is not acute at home only using simple tips to cure the problem. These natural cures do not have side-effects as well. However, if the conditions are not getting better, then you can consult a doctor.

Best Natural Cure For Vertigo

Pepper Mint Oil

You can smell pepper mint oil for an instant relief. The oil has a significant in cooling down your internal system.

Peppermint Oil

Mixture of Lemon, Salt and Pepper

Mix salt and pepper in around eight ounces of water. Add a few drops of lemon juice to this mixture. You can consume this mixture three times a day and continue doing so for about two weeks. You can even smell fresh lemon to cure your vertigo as the smell of lemon relieves you instantly from that dizzy feeling.

Mixture of Lemon, Salt and Pepper

Apply Ice Packs

When you feel dizzy, lie down on your stomach and then ask someone to apply ice packs on your back. Let the ice packs be placed for at least ten minutes. The body is cooled down immediately and the hot flashes vanish away.

Ice Pack

Taking Deep Breaths

Dizziness or Vertigo causes decreased blood supply in the areas of the brain and taking deep breaths can help increasing the circulation of blood. During a vertigo attack the patient must lie down in a comfortable position and take numerous deep breaths until he feels that his dizziness is fading away. Deep breaths are effective and simple for treating vertigo attacks.

Taking Deep Breaths

Use Anti Nasal Blockage Solutions

When a person suffers from any kind of allergy it is common to have a nasal blockage as well. Cold and nasal blockage can clearly cause vertigo attacks in people. To overcome such a situation from arising, the person must use a nasal solution for clearing up the nasal passage along with removing the mucus.

Anti Nasal Blockage Solutions


Dehydration is many times accompanied by Vertigo. To ensure hydration drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Juice of various vegetables and fruit is also helpful in maintaining the required fluid content of the body. A minimum of eight glasses of water must be consumed by every individual during the day.

Milk With Basil Leaves

Take three to four basil leaves and add them to a glass of boiled milk. Consume this milk before bedtime. It works wonder for the patients of vertigo and can be taken on a daily basis to completely wipe off vertigo.


Try This Healthy Mixture

Soak about one teaspoon of Poppy seeds along with two teaspoons of wheat grains. Add about eight almonds to this mixture and an equal number of watermelon seeds. Make a fine paste from this. Heat one teaspoon of oil in a pan and fry three cloves in it. Then, add the paste prepared followed by adequate amount of milk. Repeat this for a week.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.