6 Cure For Sinus Headaches

  • John Smith

    I have severe headaches in the morning when I wake up. I have to go from bed to a chair and sit up for 3-5 hours before the headache goes away. I’ve been to the VA Doctor, and he only knows anti histamines. It does not work, maybe just very slightly, but also has side effects. In the bed, I lie down using pillows to keep my head elevated, If I lie flat, it’s difficult to breath. Sometimes the headaches last so long that I have no energy, and feel wobbly. I’ve tried steam, but it only works slightly for as long as
    I’m applying it. I wake up in the night and need to drink water, because of very very Dry Mouth, I drink the water several times a night. . It’s not sleep apnea, as I’ve been tested for that. Does anyone have similar or any suggestions.