Gastric has become a common problem of modern men and women. Inflammation of stomach lining is called as gastric. If it is not treated early the condition aggravates and leads to bleeding and wound inside stomach. Moreover, gastric is accompanied with an acute stomach pain.


Other symptoms of gastric is nausea, vomiting tendency, headache, loss of appetite, etc. There are various reasons behind this gastric problems – eating too much spicy foods, giving your stomach a long gap between too meals, taking large amount of coffee, tea and alcohol, etc.

Natural cure for gastric is the best solution because you can not cure your gastric completely unless you change your lifestyle and food habits completely. Medicine may cure your gastric but if you do not change your food habits and lifestyle it will recur again. So go through the article and get some tips on natural cure for gastritis.

How To Cure Gastritis Naturally

Drink Adequate Water

The first thing that you have to do to cure gastritis is to drink enough water. Water helps to dilute peptic juice. When there is no chance of eating food for a long time, drink the water continuously.

It dilutes peptic juice and saves the inner lining of stomach from the hand of peptic juices. Make a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday to get rid of gastritis very soon.


Drink Chilled Milk

Drink chilled milk everyday at empty stomach to cure gastritis. Take a cup of chilled milk. Do not mix sugar or anything. Just drink the plain chilled water. It also gives relief in stomach pain that is one of the side effects of gastritis.


Soft Rice And Butter

Eat soft rice because soft rice is easy to digest. Making soft rice is very easy. Boil rice in water for a long time. Mix butter in it. But before eating the rice check that the rice is not hot enough. Eat butter rice everyday and cure your gastritis very soon.

soft rice and butter

Boiled Potato And Boiled Plantain

Eat boiled plantain and boiled potato everyday when you feel hungry. Boil both of these vegetables in water with jacket. Then remove it from water and remove the jacket. Sprinkle small amount of salt on it. Mash it and take this to keep your appetite under control.


Stay Away From Spicy Food

Do not eat very spicy food. Hot spices like chilly and pepper are a complete ‘no’ to a person having gastritis. These things trigger the pain of gastritis and it aggravates the situation because chili and pepper both enhance the inflammation of the stomach.

spicy food

Use Little Oil In Your Cooking

Do not use much oil in your cooking. Oils are not easy to digest and for this reason overeating of oils may enhances the situation of gastritis.

use little oil

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is an excellent medicine for gastritis affected people. Take 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt. Add pinch of salt and little bit of sugar in it. Beat it and add water in it.

Mix well. Drink this yogurt two times daily before lunch and dinner. It helps to make a layer on your stomach lining and protects it from spice and oil.


Sugar Candy And Fennel

Soak some sugar candy and fennel in water for hours so that candy gets diluted. Strain the water and drink this sweet water 2-3 times daily to get rid of gastritis.

sugar candy


Eat Boiled Foods And Low Tat Diet

Eat mainly boiled food because they are easy to digest. Boiled fruits, vegetables, boiled chicken, boiled egg etc. are good for gastric. You can eat all types of fruits except those citrus fruits because further acid (that we get from citrus fruits) consumption may do the further damage of your stomach lining and will make the situation more complicated.

eat boiled foods qnd low tat diet


Amla Or Indian Gooseberry

Too much acidity condition also triggers the problem of gastritis. So cure your acidity problem first to get rid of gastritis. Amla juice is excellent to cure acidity problem completely.

Take a fresh Indian gooseberry and crush it to extract the juice. Drink the juice accompanied with ½ cup cold water. This helps to digest food properly and ultimately saves you from gastritis.



Molasses helps to cure gastritis. Take a small piece of molasses and eat it after two major meals. Everyday intake of molasses saves you from gastritis. Mix molasses in a glass of chilled water and take it at least two times daily to get rid of gastritis. So, there are some good natural solutions for gastritis. Follow them and be your own doctor to cure gastritis naturally.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.