This disorder occurs in women above 40 years of age. It can be healed with natural herbs effectively. Moreover, natural cure is the safest mode to regain sound health. Numerous herbs are there to cure fibroid tumors rapidly.

fibroid tumors


Effective Natural Remedies

Red Clover

The high concentrations of phytoestrogens in red clover help to flinch fibroids by rejuvenating estrogen levels of the body. Consuming red clover in the form of tea can heal this malady speedily.

red clover

Chaste Berry

It is also an effective remedy to cure fibroid tumors. Mix dribbles of Chasteberry into one glass of water and imbibe it early morning. Use this remedy in routine for better results.


Milk Thistle

This herb is very effective for the treatment of fibroid tumors. It contains silymarin that helps to destroy toxins and stimulate the production of new cells. This herb is not recommended for pregnant ladies.

milk thistle

Chaste Tree

It is also known as Vitus agus-castus Its medicinal properties help to heal fibroid tumors. If you take 25 – 30 dribbles of the chaste trees, then you will find soothing results within 60 days.

chaste tree


Cinnamon is very helpful to halt bleeding that occurs in this illness. Boil one cup of water and add one spoon of infused cinnamon in it. Imbibe this brew on a regular basis.

Cinnamon oil is another alternative to heal fibroid tumors. Take sufficient dribbles of its oil to stop bleeding.


Grape Seed

Grape seed helps to deduce the levels of estrogen that is essential to cure fibroid tumors. It is a highly effective herbal remedy and gives relaxing results if used constantly.

grape seeds


Ginger is a traditional herb. It owns most of the medicinal properties. You can add ginger in your daily meals. Consuming adequate amounts of ginger can cure the fibroid tumors.


Nettle Leaves, Burnet Root

Take nettle leaves, sweet clover and chamomile (75 grams each) also take Burnet root and mug wort root (100 grams each). Mix them altogether. Now put three spoons of this mixture in a vessel. Mix three cupfuls of boiled water in it. Drink this herbal brew thrice in a day. It will help to cure the fibroid tumors efficiently.

stinning nettle

Knotweed Roots

Take one spoon of knotweed roots and mix half spoon of each celandine grass and arnica flowers into it. Mix boiling water to this mixture. This brew must be taken thrice in a day for better results.

Semen Litchi

Semen litchi is another effective natural remedy to get rid of fibroid tumors. Its medicinal healing properties help to reduce bleeding during this malady.

semen litchi

Black Cohosh

It helps to maintain the estrogen balance in a body that helps to cure fibroid tumors. It also helps to halt bleeding that occurs due to fibroid tumors.

black cohosh

Onions and Garlic

These are the best natural antioxidants and help to balance the levels of female hormones. Both can be consumed directly to heal this disorder.

garlic or onion


Soybean is rich in nutrients and phytoestrogens. The high concentrations of phytoestrogens help to stimulate the production of estrogen levels in the body which plays a vital role in curing fibroid tumors. You can add soy products in your daily meals.