Baby TeethingIf you see your child pushing every toy in his or her mouth that might be because he or she is about to come up with milk teeth. Teething causes irritation in mouth as the new tooth that’s about to come pushes itself out of the gums. The procedure exerts pressure over gums.

Some kids do not respond enough to the process, while others get very cranky. Teething usually gives out certain symptoms such as swollen gums, extremely red cheeks and heavy drooling. If the child is teething then you will find him or her rubbing his or her gums, biting everything around, rubbing ears and unable to sleep.

Seeing any of these symptoms, moms should be clear of the reasons for crankiness in kids. But how to tackle with the situation? Well, using any of the harsh treatments on kids wouldn’t be a good idea. After all, they’re kids! Moms always have certain magical materials in the kitchen which can make a difference. Let’s list them!

Home Remedies For Teething

Cold Fruits

Cold FruitsIf you see your kid getting irritated by the upcoming tooth, give him some cold fruits to munch upon.The secret is not within the fruits, but the cold temperature! The coolness of fruit numbs the gums of your little one. As a result, he or she would not feel pain for sumtime.

Make sure the fruit is cold enough, else the trick would not work. If you don’t have fruits, anything cold will work. Infact, even a cold spoon will do the job. Just take a spoon and keep it is fridge for 15-20 minutes. Take it out and place it over your child’s gums. He will definitely feel relieved. You can repeat the procedure twice or thrice a day. Rather, follow it whenever your kid starts getting irritated.

Clove Oil

Clove OilClove oil will be good in order to reduce inflammation in gums and relieve your child from the pain. But, the oil may be a little harsh for your little one’s gums. So it will be better to dilute the oil a little. For this, take a tablespoon of almond oil and add a drop of clove oil to it.

Mix the two properly and then, a little amount of mixture can be applied over the child’s gums. If almond oil is not available, you can use any other edible oil. The edible oil has no other use than to dilute the clove oil. So, opt for any oil you have. It will be better if you try a little mixture in your mouth first.

After all, you are a mother! You would not want any irritant in your child’s mouth. If you think that the clove oil is still strong, dilute it further. Dilution should be upto such an extent that the strong essence of clove almost vanishes.

Press With Your Finger

Press With Your FingerTeething children often seek something to chew upon. Actually they arent chewing it, that is pretty obvious! They kind of rub it against their gums. This releives them from all the irritation for sometime.

But, all the mothers are worried about their children putting random things in their mouths. So, it is better to offer your own finger to them. Make sure you have properly washed your hands before letting them in the child’s mouth.

Now, open his mouth and discover the swollen area that would be causing pain. Slightly press against it. This would surely soothe your child. Repeat this whenever your child seems cranky or cries in pain. The kid may at first be a little defensive, but soon you will see him getting relaxed.


TeethersVarious teethers are available in the market. Your child can simply chew them all the time. Teethers are often a little hard and chewing exters a little pressure over your baby’s gums. This allows your kid to relax a little. Well, when you have pain in legs, you often feel like pressing them. Same is with kids.

When they feel this irritation and pain in their gums, they want something to rub against and teethers would be just perfect for the purpose. If you feel that the teether is not doing things right and your child is still irritated then use the cold therapy.

Put the teether in fridge and allow it to cool for 15-20 minutes. Once it is cool, hand it over to your child. Rubbing gums against the teether would not only relax your child, but also cause numbness. Thanks to the chilled teether! The cold teether takes away the senses from paining area for sometime and relieves your child from the pain.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla ExtractWell, now this one might be a little concerning. Vanilla extract actually contains a little alcohol which provides warmth to the paining gums. This warmth provides a sense of relaxation to your baby. Also, alcohol may let your child sleep a little longer than regular, keeping him calm.

But, is it really right to give your baby alcohol? Actually, many people do follow this trick. If you are really concerned about the level of alcohol in vanilla extract, then you can dilute it with little water. It is not only the alcohol that works but also, the vanilla itself adds to the benefits.

Vanilla helps in improving the cranky behaviour of your child by inducing a feeling of well being. Just take a little vanilla extact on your finger tip and rub it against your little one’s gums. Applying it with your fingers would exert pressure over the paining gums, adding to the relief.

All the above remedies will help you in dealing with the problems that you face due to your child’s teething. Most of the mothers find it hard to manage the fussy behavior that their kid’s show. But they can be easily dealt with by using simple home remedies.

Though, most common remedy is to use cold therapy by giving your kid some cold water or cold fruits. But, you have to keep note of a thing. Make sure you use this procedure when your child is full and would not feel hungry for sometime. This is because, children are usually very sensitive and you might not realize the extent to which the cold water is working. The cold therapy might not numb only the gums, but also the tongue. As a result, your baby might not be able to feed upon anything for sometime.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.