Who doesn’t want pink lips? Well, I do and I know that you too desire the same. Pink lips are one of those features which add beauty to perfect looks.

pink lips

Those who naturally have pink lips needn’t use the bunch of lipsticks and glosses every time they go out. Worst! guys can not even use this trick. No one would have ever seen a guy using lipsticks or glosses or even balms.

Well, it’s against their image after all. Here we have a secret for all the girls and tough guys who want better lips. You can try some of the home remedies to improve the colour of your lips. Imagine! You just have to use simple home remedies at home and then you can go out with pink, lustrous bare lips. You can have those lips with original pink colour that you have always dreamt of and the best part is you can cut the cost of all the expensive lip cosmetics that you use.

Best Home Remedies For Pink Lips

Keep Lips Moisturized

One of the major causes of dark lips is dryness. If you once had beautiful lips which have now darkened, then one the reasons can be loss of moisture. You can think it by yourself, for beautiful body two things matter a lot – sufficient water and food. Lack of any of these can degrade the quality of your skin (including lips), making it dark and dead. It is thus very important to maintain moisture in your skin. For lips, you can keep them moisturized by using petroleum jelly.

Make it a habit of applying the jelly over your lips at least twice a day. Petroleum jelly works by packing moisture in your skin and thus, it will surely prevent dehydration.

keep lips moisturized


Lemon is an amazing ingredient for dark skin, be it your facial skin or lips. The dark colour is sometimes due to overproduction of a pigment called melanin. Melanin is responsible for rendering colour to skin where excess production may lead to darker skin. Lemon works by breaking down this pigment, thus reducing it’s effect. But, since lemon works from the root of the problem, it takes some time in showing up the results. So, you have to be a little patient.

You can use lemon by squeezing it in equal amount of water. Dip your finger in the mixture and apply it over your lips. You can use a cotton ball as well for the process. If the juice is hurting your lips then rinse it off, else allow the mixture to works for a minute and then wash it with cold water. Finally, pack your lips with a good moisturizer. Lemon is acidic and thus it is sure to tingle your lips. In case the tingling is very intense, you can further dilute the mixture.



Turmeric has effects similar to lemon juice. It works by reducing melanin production in lips, making them appear lighter. The best part is that turmeric will not hurt your lips and you needn’t be cautious about it. Also, it is very easily available especially in every Indian kitchen. Since turmeric cannot be used directly over lips, it will be better to make a paste of it. You can use anything you like to make the paste, be it milk or lemon. Milk would let the turmeric work while keeping your lips moisturized.

So, you get two different benefits in one paste. Whereas, lemon will help in improving lip colour by breaking down excess of melanin. Use any of the two which suits you better. Just add some drops of cold milk (preferably raw) or lemon in a teaspoon of turmeric. The drops must be sufficient enough to form a paste of the powdered turmeric. Apply the mixture over your lips and allow it to work for 5 minutes. Wash off the mixture with cold water.



All the environmental factors, sun’s harmful rays and lack of appropriate diet make it vital to exfoliate lips at least one in a week. UV rays usually turn your lips into a dark lipstick colour. Climatic factors and dust from surroundings add to the misery. Moreover, lack of proper diet often leads to chapping of lips making them dead and dark. An easy remedy to deal with all these problems is exfoliation. It helps in removal of the upper damaged layer of skin, allowing a fresher one to come up.

You can simply exfoliate by using a sugar scrub. All you need to do is, mix sugar and honey in a ratio of 1:2. Mix the two properly and apply the mixture over your lips. Massage gently to allow the sugar scrap off all the dead skin. Let the mixture sit undisturbed for a minute or two. Finally, wash off the scrub with clean water and apply a moisturizer. It is very important to pack your lips with a lip balm after exfoliation as the new skin requires a little more care.


Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is a natural staining agent. If you eat beetroot salad, you might have noticed that the juice in plate dries and leaves stains over the plate until it is washed. Well, this is what we will use for lips. Wash a beetroot and juice it out. Take a little amount of it on your finger tips and apply over your lips. Let the juice work for 15-20 minutes after which it can be washed off. As soon as you wash your lips, you’ll soon see the reddish colour it has imparted. Well, that’s an instant result!

For better results, use beetroot juice before going to bed. Let it work overnight and then wash it off in the morning. The best part with beetroot is that is can be used as a natural lipstick. No side effects, no chemicals and best results. Just apply a little beetroot juice over your lips before going out and let it stay. If the colour is too dark for your lips, use it 10-15 minutes before going out and then wash it. Finally, apply a lip balm or a mild gloss.

beetroot juice

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.