When the mucous membrane present in the stomach and intestine erodes, the condition is termed as peptic ulcer. The main reason of peptic ulcer is gastric juice. Peptic ulcer can be due to bacterial infection. Some factors like spicy foods and lifestyle factors can make the peptic ulcer worse. Stress, family history and alcohol also contribute to peptic ulcer.

peptic ulcers

The patient has stomach pain and burning due to peptic ulcer. The pain usually occurs half an hour to two hours after taking meals. The pain can also occur at night. The patient has abdominal discomfort. The pain decreases when the patient eats or drinks something. The pain also decreases on taking an antacid.

The patient can also have nausea, heartburn, vomiting, weakness, fainting and other symptoms. There can be blood in the stools and vomiting. The patient may feel very thirsty. Home remedies can help in reducing the symptoms of peptic ulcer. You must try the following home remedies for peptic ulcers.

Best Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcers

Eat Fibrous Foods

Take a diet that has high amount of fiber and less amount of fat. Fiber helps in healing the ulcer. Fibrous foods contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Fiber prevents the attack of stomach acid on the digestive lining. To get enough fiber through the diet, you must eat fruits, grains as well as vegetables. Steam the green vegetables and eat it. Eat broccoli and tomato. Avoid a diet that lacks fiber such as processed foods.

Avoid white bread, pasta and other types of refined foods. Divide the food in smaller portions as it helps in preventing formation of excess digestive acid. Eat frequent meals so that the digestive acid does not attack the stomach lining.

eat fibrous foods

Avoid These Items

Do not eat fried, fatty and spicy foods. Reduce the intake of coffee, tea, carbonated and cola drinks. Also, take citrus fruits, tomato and chocolate in limited amount. Avoid alcohol and smoking. People who take excess amount of alcohol are more likely to suffer from peptic ulcer.

Smoking leads to formation of stomach acid and prevents the formation of substances that provide protection to the stomach lining. Smoking prevents the healing of stomach lining due to low blood circulation. Avoid stress by learning methods of stress control and management. You can do meditation, yoga and exercises to control stress.



Banana is a very good remedy for peptic ulcer. Banana contains ingredients that prevent the growth of bacteria that causes the ulcer. Banana makes the stomach wall thick. If you eat banana, it will lead to mucus formation, which helps in healing the ulcer. Banana also contains anti-ulcer compounds known as water-soluble polysaccharides.

You can also eat banana powder. To make this powder, dry the banana slices in the oven. You can also dry it naturally in the sun. Grind the dry banana to make powder. When you want to eat banana powder, mix the powder with half amount honey. Eat this powder thrice daily.



Cabbage juice is a very good remedy for peptic ulcer. It contains anti-ulcer compounds. Take four doses of one fourth quarter each of cabbage juice daily. Consume the juice as soon as you make it. Do not keep it and then take it. This remedy provides relief to the patients in ten days.

You can also take cabbage juice in combination with potato juice. You can add the cabbage and potato juice to soup and take it. You can add fresh raw cabbage to the salad and eat it.

cabbage juice

Vitamin A And E

If you have peptic ulcer, you must take Vitamin A. The recommended dose is 5000IU four times daily. Do this remedy for six weeks. You can also take foods that contain vitamin A such as carrot, green leafy vegetables, papaya, cod liver oil, sweet potato, pumpkin, kale, collard greens, broccoli and many other foods. Also, take foods that contain Vitamin E such as sunflower oil, tomato, roasted hazelnuts, papaya, fortified cereals, peanuts, dry basil, dry oregano, almonds, spinach, pine nut, kiwifruit, dried apricot, mango, broccoli, and many other foods.

vitamin A and E


Honey is a very effective remedy for peptic ulcer. It contains enzymes that help in killing the harmful bacteria. Honey contains some other antibacterial ingredients that are collected by the bees from the pollen of the flowers. You must take natural honey in an unprocessed form.

The daily dose of honey for peptic ulcer is 2 tablespoons. When there is improvement in the condition, take 1-tablespoon honey daily.


Flavonoids And Antioxidants

If you suffer from peptic ulcers, you must eat foods that contain flavonoids and antioxidants. Some foods that contain flavonoids are apple, cranberry, onion, apricot, raspberries, strawberries, pinto beans, pears, cabbage, tea, parsley and many other. Some foods that contain antioxidants are red grapes, dark chocolate, prunes, beans, pecan, plum, potato, red kidney beans, carrots, cooked artichoke, berries, and many other.


Licorice can help in curing peptic ulcer. You can take licorice as tea. Steep the licorice root pieces in hot water. Cool the tea, strain and drink. You can also use licorice sticks instead of the root. You can take licorice in the form of candy. Take maximum one ounce of candy daily. If you take a high dose of licorice candy, it can cause serious side effects. Licorice increases the production of mucus, which protects the digestive organs from stomach acid.

You can take licorice in the form of deglycyrrhizinated licorice tablets. The proper method of taking the tablet is to chew it properly and swallow it. You must take 750-1500 mg tablets. Take the tablet thrice daily before the meals on empty stomach. Do this remedy for 8-16 weeks. When the ulcer is healed, you can reduce the dose and take two tablets daily. Do not take more than 30 g licorice extract in a day. There is no side effect of this remedy. People who have heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, and kidney disease should not take licorice extract.

licorice tea

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm bark is one of the best home remedies for peptic ulcers and other digestive system disorders. The slippery elm bark can help in curing peptic ulcer by soothing mucous membranes of the stomach. Take the slippery elm bark as a powder.

Add 1 teaspoon of this powder in one-cup water. The water should be warm. Take this gruel like mixture thrice daily. If you have problem in taking slippery elm powder in this way, you can add cinnamon and ginger powder to it. You can add honey and other sweeteners so that the mixture tastes good.

slippery elm bark

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.