Increasing age can cause oral cancer risk. Smoking, tobacco use, excess alcohol intake, and sun exposure are some other causes of oral cancer. If the patient has suffered from head cancer earlier, it increases the oral cancer risk.

oral cancer

Some patients may have oral cancer due to HPV virus, which spreads through oral sex. Oral cancer affects more men in comparison to the women. Oral cancer affects mouth, inner part of the cheeks and tonsils. It can also affect the gums and salivary glands.

Oral cancer causes a lot of pain, irritation and suffering to the patient. The patient has difficulty in eating food and swallowing it. The patient feels abnormal taste on eating food. Oral cancer causes tongue problems. There can be mouth sores, problem in moving the jaw and loss of sensation. The teeth may become loose. The cancer changes the facial appearance of the patient.

Oral cancer can be life threatening. It has an adverse effect on important body functions like breathing. There can be speech problems like slurring. Proper oral care is important for preventing cancer. Some home remedies can help in preventing oral cancer. You can try the following home remedies for oral cancer.

Useful Home Remedies For Oral Cancer

Oral Care

A healthy mouth makes the immune system strong. It increases the ability to fight future cancer. Therefore, you must keep the mouth healthy by brushing the teeth and using floss regularly. Use soft toothbrush for brushing the teeth.

Brush the teeth after each meal and at night before sleeping. Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing the teeth. Do not use mouthwash that has alcohol. Oral care helps in preventing many complications.

oral hygiene

Avoid Smoking, Tobacco And Alcohol

Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco. You should not chew betel leaves. Do not use cigarette and cigars as they contain ingredients that cause cancer. Avoid using pipes and snuff. Pipe smokers are at a high risk of getting oral cancer as well as lip cancer. When you chew tobacco, it releases nicotine.

Tobacco causes cancer of cheek and gums. If you use tobacco, it will decrease the effectiveness of the cancer treatment. It impairs the haling ability of the body. Limit the intake of alcohol to 1-2 drinks daily. You should try to stop the use of alcohol as it can increase the effectiveness of the cancer treatment.

avoid alcohol and smoking


Raspberry is a very good remedy for oral cancer. You must take one-cup raspberry juice for minimum three months. The juice will show results in 3-4 months. Research has shown that the anthocyanins pigments derived from black raspberry help in preventing oral cancer. Black raspberries also contain other chemicals and antioxidants, which prevent cancer. The dry black raspberry powder contains high amount of ellagic acid, thus helps in preventing the start of oral cancer and its spreading.


Avoid Sun Exposure

Avoid excess sun exposure as it can cause lip cancer. Use sunscreen on all body parts when going out in the sun including lips. Using sunscreen on the lips helps in preventing the lip cancer risk. You can use lip balm also.

avoid sun exposure

Do Exercises

Do regular exercise as it increases the immunity and protects you from cancer. Physical activity helps in cleansing the body and reducing stress. You can do mini trampoline jumping. You must do walking and jogging. Take nature walks in forest, seaside and beach.

You can do riding, swimming, aerobics, gymnastics, weight lifting and rowing. You must do meditation and Tai chi You can learn yoga, martial arts and dancing. Avoid doing exercises when you are on full stomach.


Induce Sweating

If you have oral cancer, you must try to induce sweating as it helps in eliminating toxins and cleansing the body. If you do exercises while wearing heavy clothes, you will get sweating. You can induce sweating through sauna. If you drink tea in a room that is hot, it will make you sweat. Eating cayenne pepper also helps in inducing sweating.

induce sweating

Anti Cancer Diet

Take an anti-cancer diet. Eat foods like beans, cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, green tea, tomato, flax seed, berries, soy and grapes. You should avoid frying the food.

You must prepare the food by grilling and baking. You can also boil and steam the food. Include ginger and garlic in the diet. Eat strawberries, dark chocolate, nutmeg, tuna and pineapple.

anti cancer diet

Drumstick Powder

You can grind drumstick leaf to make powder. Boil one teaspoon of this powder in water. Take this solution for six months. The drumstick leaf contains many essential nutrients that cure oral cancer. You can add the drumstick leaf powder while cooking soup as well as sauce.

drum stick

Dental Checkup

Visit and consult a dentist in every 6 months and get dental check up done. The dentist can do oral screening to check if you have a chance of getting oral cancer.

The dentist checks the internal parts of the mouth to see if there are colored patches, lumps, sores and any other problem. There are some tests for detecting oral cancer. Dental check up helps in an early detection of oral cancer.

dental check up

Oral Self Examination

Do oral self-examination of the mouth every month. Use a mouth mirror to see the internal area of the mouth. Check the tongue to see if there is any problem in this area. You can check if there are any lumps, colored patches, bleeding, tongue lesion, cracks and tenderness in the mouth.

You should check if any ulcer has formed in the mouth. If you find any problem or abnormality in the oral cavity, get it checked by a dentist.


If you have oral cancer, you should eat avocados. It decreases the growth of cancer cells. Avocado contains essential nutrients, folate and Vitamin E that helps in curing oral cancer. It also contains phytochemicals, which kill the cancer cells. Avocados contain antioxidants, which provide protection from oxidation damage.

Avocado lack unsaturated fat as well as sodium, which is very good for treating cancer. Research has shown that Hass avocado is especially beneficial in oral cancer. You can buy these avocados from supermarkets.


Green Tea

You must drink green tea regularly. Green tea is a very effective remedy for oral cancer. Green tea contains high amount of polyphenols, which kill the cancer cells.

You should ensure that the green tea is not very hot. High temperature of the green tea decreases its healing property. You should drink green tea when it is lukewarm or slightly warm.

green tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.