Most of the people, particularly kids, get head lice each year. Occasionally the head lice cannot be prevented, but it can be treated by means of natural home remedies.

killing lice

These home remedies are as well affordable in treating and killing lice. Normal head is the major dwelling of lice. It is at all times an annoying feeling to the sufferers.

Best Home Remedies For Killing Lice

Olive Oil

Head lice can be easily treated and killed by applying the olive oil on the head until hair is soaked. This will help in killing the grown up lice on the scalp. Allow the oil on the hair for at least fifteen minutes to get optimum results and then wash hair with good quality shampoo.

Then, dry the hair with a soft towel and completely soak hair by means of distilled white vinegar and allow it for about fifteen minutes and then wash with shampoo.

Olive oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the natural home remedy to treat lice. Coconut is the toxic supplement to lice that will kill the grown up lice and destroy the eggs of the lice.

Apply two teaspoons of coconut oil over the moist hair ensuring to work it into the scalp. The coconut oil can be applied regularly after the eradication of lice.

coconut oil


Wash the clothes of the family associate who possesses head lice with hot water. Dry the washed clothes on elevated heat for a minimum time of 20 minutes.

The high heat will kill the lice and destroy the eggs if any and prevent it from reproducing. Also, putting the comb and hair brushes in hot water and let them soak in the water for ten minutes.



The spreading of lice can be prevented by vacuuming the carpeted areas and couch at regular intervals. Vacuum the house two times a day to obtain best results.


Plastic Bags

Keep the no washable item in sealed plastic containers for at least three days that may kill the live lice. If at all, the eggs of the lice emerge, they will also expire since there is no adequate nutrient to stay alive.

plastic bags


The tainted head may be smeared frequently ensuring each mayonnaise to cover every strand of hair. Drape the head securely by means of a plastic cover and leave the mayonnaise on for two hours minimum.

Add two tablespoons of vinegar with every cup of water and clean the mayonnaise and shampoo the hair by means of the so formed water. The vinegar will help get rid of the mayo and stop further plague.



Tea Tree Oil

First, prepare an oil mixture by adding ninety portions of olive oil with ten portions of tea tree oil. The skin and head may be treated with this oil mixture and wrap the head with a sealed synthetic cover and cover the plastic wrap with a rub and allow it for an hour.

Then, after an hour clean the hair normally and brush it to release all the knots. Then, separate hair sections by means of a fine-tooth comb to remove all the eggs of lice.

tea tree oil

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.