If you desire for a flawless skin each time you look into the mirror, then you have landed at the right place. Various issues such as solar rays, lack of perfect nutrition, environmental factors cause skin to develop problems.

flawless skin

These may include tanning, skin darkening, pigmentation, loss of moisture, etc. In fact, if you think that your skin lacks shine and is getting dull then also you need to work upon it. A dull skin is actually a symbol of unfit body, it simply means that your skin does not get the nutrition it wants.

You might have seen various advertisements on television for flawless skin. But, do they actually work? What if they worsen the problem? Money back guarantee? Your brain gets flooded with questions and no source of answer. Well, you would never find out if a product suits you until you use it. But, experimenting on skin isn’t considered good. A better option would to be to try some simple home remedies. They would do no harm to your skin and are budget friendly. In fact, the best solutions lie within the nature, so extract from it!

Effective Home Remedies For Flawless Skin

Coconut Oil – The Perfect Solution

Coconut oil is an all-in-one remedy for many of the skin issues. It is an amazing emollient and thus helps in retaining moisture. Once you apply the oil on your body, it will prevent evaporation of water. This helps in keeping skin hydrated. Hydration is the basic step to keep skin healthy and alive. Moisture less skin is not only unhealthy, but the skin cells often get dry and dead due to lack of water. The ability to hydrate skin makes coconut oil a perfect agent to get the skin smoother and softer. Also, using oil provides direct nutrition to the skin. When you apply oil, all the essentials present in the oil directly reach your skin. These nutrients can then be used by skin cells for better functioning.

Coconut oil can also be used to overcome acne. The fatty acids present in oil render anti microbial properties to it. As a result, it can be used in case of any bacterial, fungal or viral effects on skin (one of them being acne). Not only this, coconut oil is an extremely good anti oxidation source. It helps in deep cleansing of skin. Also, this helps in eliminating free radicals from body. Free radicals often harm the skin. One of the well known harms are caused to the elastic tissues leading to their damage and hence causing wrinkles. Using coconut oil helps in eliminating these free radicals allowing the elastic tissues to stay healthy, keeping you younger. The easiest way to use coconut oil is by applying it all over your body before bathing. Make sure you apply it around 30 minutes before the bath. The oil would get into your skin and add all the benefits to it. Finally, wash off the oil with a good soap while you bath.

coconut oil


Papaya has various health benefits and is extremely popular for all that it does to keep your body healthy. Eating papaya is a good idea, but you can also use it over your skin to have a healthier and flawless look. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain and is packed with various other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. All these work together for your skin. Papain works by breaking down inactive proteins. This helps in removing all the dead cells from your skin. Getting rid of dead cells is important to let the new ones come up and allow your skin to breathe.

Vitamin A works as an anti oxidant. This helps in elimination of all the free radicals which otherwise cause harm to your skin. Free radicals cause skin aging leading to wrinkles by damaging elasticity of skin. Getting rid of the radicals avoids the entire procedure and keeps your skin younger. Simply, crush a slice of papaya and mash it properly. Apply it all over your skin and allow it to work for around 20 minutes, after which it can be rinsed with cold water. Papaya may cause a little dryness and if it does, do not miss to use a moisturizer.



Honey is not only tasty but also a source of various vitamins and minerals. It is a natural humectant and thus, helps your skin in retaining moisture. Packing moisture in skin is the first step for perfect skin. If your skin is dehydrated then no matter what you do, you cannot have the perfect skin. Well hydrated skin has a natural shine which gives a healthy look. Also, honey has anti bacterial properties which allow it to fight against various skin issues such as acne.

In fact, honey is an abundant source of anti oxidants. It must be known till now that anti oxidants are really essential for beautiful and younger looking skin. You can use honey by mixing it with a little amount of lemon. Lemon helps in reducing the stickiness of the product and adds its benefits to your skin. In fact, lemon is an extremely good agent to obtain whiter skin. It works by cutting down the production of a pigment which is responsible for the dark colour of skin. Take a tablespoon of honey and squeeze 2-3 drops of lemon in it. Mix the two well and apply the mixture all over your skin. Let the mixture work for around 5 minutes after which it can be washed off.



Turmeric is an ages old remedy for beautiful skin. It has been used in various beauty products and can do wonders for your skin. The beauty spice works by cutting down melanin production and accelerating growth of new cells. Melanin is a pigment which renders skin colour. Excess of it leads to over colouring causing darker skin or dark spots or any other similar issue. Melanin is usually over produced during solar exposure. The pigment prevents skin tanning and is produced as a result of body’s self defense against solar radiations.

The remedy also causes production of new cells which are healthier. Healthy and new cells work better and improve sin quality. Turmeric is an excellent anti oxidant. Just like the above remedies, it fights against free radicals and helps in maintaining skin elasticity. Since turmeric is powdered, it is hard to use it directly over skin. You can mix it either with lemon or milk. Adding any of these adds their benefits to the mixture. But lemon/milk should be used in a quantity sufficient enough to form a homogenous paste. Apply the paste over your skin and allow it to work 15-20 minutes, after which it can be washed off.


Know Your Skin

Knowing your skin is the best you can do to obtain perfect skin. Everything does not suit every type of skin. So, you should know what is good for your skin and what is not. It is very important to know if your skin type is oily or dry, so that you can work accordingly. If you have oily skin, get in a habit of splashing cold water various times in a day. This would help your skin in getting rid of the excess oil. You can also use vinegar to reduce the oiliness. Vinegar helps in cutting down the excess oil ad cleaning your skin. Using vinegar directly might irritate your skin as it is acidic in nature. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water, and apply it over your skin. Allow the mixture to work for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Contrarily, if you have dry skin then avoid washing too much. Also, you can use any of the humectants such as honey or coconut oil to keep your skin smooth. They help in keeping your skin moisture packed, avoiding dryness. Note that they help in keeping your skin hydrated, and not oily. You can also use oils to prevent dryness. For this, use any beneficial oil you prefer for example, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. Just apply a little amount of oil all over your skin and allow it to work for 15-20 minutes. It can then be washed off with a good soap and clean water.

Know Your Skin

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.