Remedies For Ear Ache

Ear ache is a painful condition, in which the middle ear gets inflamed. The most common symptom of ear ache is pain and inability to hear properly. When fluid collects in ear, it leads to ear ache.

There are many reasons of ear ache. It can be due to loud sound and deposition of earwax. Sometimes, common cold and nasal blockage can cause ear ache. Earache affects people in cold weather during the winter season. Infection, sinus, ear disease, injury, allergy and ear pressure can cause ear ache. If the ear is blocked due to some object or deposits, it can cause ear ache. Small children are the most common victims of ear ache. Home remedies are very useful for ear ache. You must try the following home remedies for ear ache.

Best Home Remedies For Ear Ache

Olive Oil

Olive Oil For Ear Ache

Olive oil is a good remedy for ear ache. It is very helpful in the treatment of buzzing sensation that accompanies ear ache. Heat the olive oil moderately. Put a few drops of the oil in the ear with a dropper. Olive oil helps in lubricating the ear and eliminating the infection.

Warm Compress

Warm Compress To Reduce Ear Ache

Make a warm compress by wrapping a towel around a bottle containing hot water. Press it on the external part of the ear for few minutes. This remedy helps in curing ear ache. You can also compress the affected ear with a heating pad. Place a heating pad above the affected ear. Leave it for ten minutes. The heating pad should have a low heat. Instead of a heating pad, you can use a hot washcloth. You can use the cloth after dipping it in hot water and squeezing it to remove excess water.


Ginger For Ear Ache

Ginger helps in curing inflammation. It is a useful remedy for ear ache. Put few drop of ginger juice in the ear. Mix fresh ginger to slightly warm sesame oil. Apply this paste on the external part of the ear. Ginger is a natural painkiller.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Ear Ache

If you have ear ache, you must take Vitamin C. It makes the immune system strong and helps in preventing ear ache. Some foods that contain Vitamin C are lemon, citrus fruits, guava and tomato. If you decide to take Vitamin C tablet, you must take a dose of 2000 mg three times daily.


Radish Helps To Reduce Ear Ache

Cut and make small pieces of radish. Heat mustard oil. Add the pieces of radish to the oil and sauté. Cool the oil to room temperature. Use a sieve or cloth to filter this mixture. Put this oil in the ear. Radish helps in decreasing pain, inflammation and discomfort in the ear. It contains ingredients that help in eliminating infection and itching in the ear.


Zinc Helps To Reduce Ear Ache

Zinc helps in curing ear ache. You must eat foods that contain zinc. Some foods that are rich in zinc are nuts like cashew nuts, and pine and pecan nuts. You can eat these nuts in raw form. You can also crush the nuts and mix with salad. Some other sources of zinc are red meat, beans and seafood.

Peppermint And Basil Leaves

Peppermint leaves are a good remedy for ear ache. Extract juice from the peppermint leaves. The juice should be fresh. Put the juice in the ear with a dropper. You can also use the peppermint oil. If you are using the oil, use it in the external part of the ear.

Peppermint And Basil Leaves For Ear Ache

Do not put the peppermint oil inside the ear. The oil can be diluted with a little olive oil. Warm some ground basil leaves. Extract its juice. Put two drops of the juice in the ear with a dropper.


Garlic Helps To Reduce Ear Ache

Garlic has analgesic property. Extract juice from garlic cloves. Put the juice in the ear. You can also add garlic to sesame oil. Heat this mixture a little. Put this oil in the ear with a dropper. Garlic is an antibiotic and helps in curing ear ache.


Make a mixture of white vinegar as well as alcohol in a ratio of three to one part. Put it in the ear with a dropper. Vinegar contains acid, which changes the ear pH and prevents the growth of fungus in the ear.

Vinegar Helps To Reduce Ear Ache

Vinegar also contains acetic acid, one of the ingredients of many ear ache medicines. If you feel pain on touching the ear, it shows that the ear ache is due to fungal infection. This vinegar remedy is very useful in such infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix apple cider vinegar with rubbing alcohol in equal ratio. Put this mixture in the ear with a dropper. Do this remedy 3 times daily. Many departmental stores have the apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Ear Ache


If you have ear ache, you must use onion. Onion has antiseptic properties. Take a fresh onion. Cut it into small pieces. Wrap it in a cloth. The cloth should be clean. Place the cloth above the ear. Hold for 5-10 minutes. Do this remedy several times daily.

Onion For Ear Ache

Castor Oil

Put 1-2 drops of warm castor oil in the ear. Plug the ear with cotton. Sleep on the side that is opposite to the ear. Do this remedy two times daily until the ear ache is cured. You can add some garlic to the castor oil, heat it and use it as an ear drop  Mix some fenugreek seeds in linseed oil. Heat the mixture. Filter and cool. Use the oil as an ear drop and put it in the ear.

Castor Oil For Ear Ache


The herb licorice is very useful for ear ache. Heat some clarified butter. Add licorice to it. Heat it slightly. Apply this paste in the external part of the ear. Let the paste stand in the ear for some time. This remedy is very useful for ear ache.

Licorice For Ear Ache

Bishops Weed Oil And Mango Leaf Juice

You can use Bishop’s weed oil for curing ear ache. Add one teaspoon of this oil to 3-teaspoon sesame oil. Heat the oil a little. Put four drops of the oil in the ear with a dropper. You can also put the juice of mango leaves in the ear. Extract the juice from the leaves that are tender. Use lukewarm juice.

Bishops Weed Oil & Mango Leaf Juice For Ear Ache

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.