Burns are a very common problem with those who work in kitchen. Getting caught by the hot pan, stove fire, spilling hot water, the kitchen burns are uncountable.


Same is the case with electric appliances that cause burns e.g. electric iron. Burns cause a lot of pain and often leave marks. These can be dealt with simple home remedies which provide a sense of relief.

But it is important to note that only some burns can be treated with home remedies. For all others, one would need medical assistant. The treatable burns are the ones which effect either the outermost layer of skin or the layer just beneath it. Sunburns, hot iron burns, hot fluid burns can be treated by any of the below remedies. Whereas in case of chemical burns, direct contact with fire, electricity, it is important to seek a doctor.

Best Home Remedies For Burns

Pour Cold Water

The moment skin is burnt, the first thing that should come in mind is cold water. Go and look for cold water and keep it running over the burn for 20-30 minutes. The earlier you pour water, lesser would the skin be damaged. Once the skin gets in contact with the burning agent, it damages the skin. Further damage is done by the heat that enters your skin on contact with the burner.

To avoid this damage, it is vital to let the heat escape or cool down. One of the best options to cool the heat is by using cold water. Do not use ice instead of water, it may worsen the situation.

pour cold water

Cover the Victim

Using cold water for long may affect body temperature of the injured person which may cause shivers. The condition is prominent when the victim is a kid or the burn is spread over a large area or if the envionment is already cold. To allow prolonged use of cold water over the burn, it is adviced to cover the injured person with a blanket. Make sure the blanket does not reach the affected area. Also, remove any clothing or jewellary affected by the burn. In case the cloth is stuck in burnt area, do not apply force to remove it.

cover the victim


Vinegar is easily available in every kitchen and can be used as a painkiller for burns. Dip a cloth in diluted vinegar solution and tie it around the burn. Vinegar would work to reduce pain and would induce a sense of relaxation.

It will also reduce the chances of infection over the burnt area. When you feel that the vinegar effects have reduced i.e. the pain starts again, repeat the process with a clean cloth.



Once the burn is clean, it should be moisturized to avoid the skin from drying. Dry burnt area may cause the skin to stretch and induce irrtation and pain. The best way to moisturize is by using aloe vera. Aloe vera, along with moisturizing, would add all of it’s benefits to heal the burn. It has painkilling and tissue healing properties which would reduce the pain and allow quick replenishing of the skin.

aloe vera

Tea Bags

Tannic acid in tea extracts out all the heat from skin, preveting any further damage and reducing the pain. Take a bowl of water and dip 2 or 3 tea bags in it. Let the bags stay inside bowl till the essense of tea enter into water, this would take around 30 seconds.

Now, apply the tea water over burnt area. You can also dip a clean cloth in tea water and tie the cloth over burnt area. When the water in cloth dries, repeat the procedure with a clean cloth.

tea bag


Potatoes are quick moisturizers and thus can be used on burns to keep the skin hydrated. They also cause quick healing of affected tissues diminishing scar formation. All you need to do is cut a potato into half and rub it lighly over the affected area. Make sure that the potato is moist and does not look dry. As a dry potato will be of no use. Use the remedy after regular intervals for best results.



After treating the burn with all cleansing and moisturizing agents, cover it with a layer of honey. Honey has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which prevent infections and allow quick healing.

Burning often leads to blisters which are easily affected by surroundings getting infected. It is very important to protect these against any type of infection in order to avoid worst conditions. For this, apply a layer of honey over affected area and cover it with a clean cloth or a gauze bandage.

All the above remedies will help in dealing with burns. Burns often lead to liquid filled blisters. Do not burst them or they may cause problems. In case the blisters burst, cover the area with a gauze bandage to avoid them from catching infection. If the blisters do not burst, the skin can be left uncovered.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.