Asthma Cough

Asthma cough doesn’t bring up any thick liquid that is produced on the inside of the nose i.e. mucus. It’s one kind of non-productive cough. It may sound as if something keeps hitting against something hard. More often, cough appears in a shorter period of time and at irregular intervals, and this may continue till the person actually vomits or until the person is completely out of breath.

9 Best Home Remedies For Asthma Cough

Use Of Ajwain


The patient suffering from asthma can be cured by making him/her to breathe in steam from the boiled water mixed with ajwain. Asthma can also be cured by drinking the mixture of one teaspoon of honey in boiling water twice or thrice a day. This is considered to be the most effective Home Remedy for Asthma.

Use Of Honey


To decrease the intensity of attacks of asthma cough, honey can be taken along with turmeric on an empty stomach in the morning. Regular use of this mixture can give you a cooling effect to your asthma cough.

Drink Water From The Copper Vessel

Drink Water from the Copper Vessel

In the morning, consume the water which was put in the copper vessels last night. Practice this before brushing the teeth and also before eating anything. It is said copper acts as very favorable in the process of de-congesting the respiratory tract, and one will get this copper mineral from the water which was kept in the copper vessels last night. This is also considered as a better home remedy for an asthma cough.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner (Keep Your Home Dust Free)

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Special attention should be given to cleanliness. Bedrooms should be free from substances that cause an allergic reaction. A vacuum cleaner should be used instead of broomstick to clean the room. Moreover, the mattress should be covered with plastic and should be washed with the help of hot water every week.

The Use Of Fenugreek


Soaking one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water during the night and consuming this fenugreek seed in the next morning will prove as one of the best natural home remedies for asthma cough.

Use Of Garlic Cloves

Garlic Cloves

A very small piece of garlic cloves when consumed two times a day with streaming ginger tea will play a role in curing asthma cough.

Use Of Figs


One of the best home remedies of natural asthma is figs. Taking washed three or four dry figs along with water will help to eat on an empty stomach along with drinking fig-soaked water, which also helps in draining the flag.

Use Of Dry Grapes

Dry Grapes

Another best way to treat asthma is chewing the soaked dry grapes along with cold milk. Before consuming, the soaked dry grapes must be kept for half an hour in cold milk. Use it regularly to get a better result.

Use Of Banana Sprinkles

Banana Sprinkles

One of the miraculous home remedies to cure an asthma cough is to consume the ripe banana warmed on a gas stove. However, before consuming the banana, sprinkle some black pepper on it. There will be relief, and it will help to allay the asthma cough attack.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.