Measles is a well-known disease that is highly contagious and generally occurs in children. This disease has a set pattern and becomes obvious when the child suffers from measles

It takes about a fortnight to cure and many a times diarrhoea also occurs by the ninth day. This disease when unattended can be fatal and therefore immediate treatment is advised. There is tremendous discomfort and uneasiness which can be taken care of by certain herbal remedies. Some of them are mentioned below.

Herbal Remedies For Measles


The bark of this herb is generally used for the treatment of German measles. It is procured from the inner shoots and has a soothing and sweet fragrance with an aromatic taste that helps in the healing process.

It is rich in vitamin minerals such as potassium iron and also has a high content of nutrients that is beneficial in curing measles. Its essential oil contains eugenol that is highly effective in curing cold, dry cough, and even diarrhoea.



Another highly effective and useful herb for getting rid of measles is Turmeric. The root of this herb is dried and grounded to powder state.

This powder when mixed with the leaves of bitter gourd and a few drops of honey helps in providing relief from measles. This when mixed with milk and consumed also cures chronic cough and other throat problems as it is antiseptic in nature.



This herb is prepared in the tea form and is given to children who are cranky and restless as this herb has soothing qualities. It helps in lowering the temperatures and reducing the fever.

It lessens the chill and brings about the perspiration that is sign of healing amongst children. This preparation can be taken up to four times a day for about three days in continuation for proper results.

chamomile tea


This is an ancient herb which is highly recommended for enhancing the immunity of children as it is antibacterial and antiviral in nature. It is also antiseptic in nature and is therefore helpful in healing the ear infections or other infections caused due to measles.

Discomfort caused due to inflammations caused in the mucous membranes and rashes on the skin can be taken care of by the use of Echinacea herb. The Remedy provided by this herb can be given to children till the fever subsides completely. The dosage can be monitored. Ideally a single dose given thrice a day for a week is sufficient for complete healing. It is important to be aware that this herb becomes less potent if used continuously for ten days.



Another soothing herb is peppermint that can be consumed in the form of tea. However it gives excellent results when combined with Licorice root, and elder flowers, lemon balm leaves, all these mixed in equal parts.

Since it can get bitter, honey can also be added to enhance the taste for children. The dosage ideal for curing measles is at least four times a day. A pregnant lady can also benefit from this concoction.

pappermint tea

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