Delayed PeriodsDelayed periods may not be caused only because of pregnancy. There are few other reasons as well that causes delayed periods. The most common reasons for delayed periods are stress and illness. This happens because under stress and illness our body might not respond to ovulation.If ovulation is delayed, periods will also be delayed by a few days. Eating disorders can also be a reason for delayed periods.

Lack of proper diet leads to under nutrition and the body fails to produce enough estrogen to support ovulation due to lack of sufficient body fat, leading to delayed periods. Other than these, polycystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid disorder also delays periods because polycystic ovary leads to too much androgen in women and too much androgen and thyroid both makes the ovulation irregular causing delays in periods.

There are some alternative herbal remedies available to start your periods on time if you do not wish to take the chemist’s drugs.Some effective herbal remedies for delayed periods are discussed here:

Best Herbs For Delayed Periods Treatment


This herb has mild quantities of emmenagogues which act to provoke periods bleeding. Parsley can be taken if your periods are delayed by a day or two. Emmenagogues act to stimulate the ovulation and thus start your periods.


You can brew some dried parsley leaves in a pot of hot water and strain it to make parsley tea. Drink three to four cups of this in the afternoon and your periods is likely to start the day after.


Another herb always found at home itself, containing mild quantities of emmenagogues. Ginger, like parsley because of its stimulating properties, helps your body to start ovulating and thus helps to start the periods.

To use ginger to start periods after the delay, take a bit of ginger and chop it to small pieces. Boil the pieces for twenty minutes and allow it to cool. Once cooled drink this one cup once and your periods will start the next day or day after that.

Black Cohosh

This herb has a hormone balancing and menstruals stimulating property and hence is useful to treat delayed periods. Black cohosh has a balancing effect on the estrogen production, ensuring it is neither over produced nor under produced.

Black Cohosh

The balanced estrogen amount in your body helps to start your ovulation on time and hence your periods on time.To start your periods after delay, take one quarter to one teaspoon of the black cohosh tincture three to four times a day.

Queen Anne’s lace (QAL)

This herb acts as a medium strength emmenagogue and also as a contraceptive. Thus, this herb not only starts your periods after the delay but also maintains your menstrual cycle as long as you do not wish to be pregnant. Hence if you take this herb you do not have to worry about delay in periods due to pregnancy.

This herb being a medium emmenagogue should only be taken if your periods are delayed for more than four to five days. To use this herb, take four to five fresh seeds from the flower head. Chew them thoroughly to release the oil and swallow with water or juice. If the seeds are swallowed whole then they will not work as they will simply pass through your system.


This herb was used extensively by colonial women to promote menstruation and terminate pregnancy. If your periods are delayed for over a two week, this herb can be used because it acts as a very strong emmenagogue and provokes periods bleeding.


The standard dose of this herb is to drink a cup of its tea every five hours. The tea can be made by simmering chopped and dried roots of this herb in a covered pot for 15-20 minutes. For the tincture, you can put 5-15 drops in a cup of warm water and drink every four hours.

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