Fluid pockets or cysts are abnormal growth within the body tissue. Quite a popular disorder, cysts can be treated through prescription medicines and herbal remedies for cysts. Though doctors prefer surgical removal of the cyst in case the problem remains even after medications and drugs are prescribed; herbalists consider alternative treatment with herbs to be a much safer option.


The herbs prescribed for patients suffering from cysts are known to curb the growth of the fluid pocket and in time the herbs also dissolves and eliminates it.

Effective Herbal Remedies for Cysts

A number of medication herbs are known to treat cysts. To make sure that these herbs are effective in their treatment, one must consult a doctor to understand the dosage and also to make sure that the particular herb does not interact with other medicines you are having.


A potassium-rich herbal plant, dandelion is one of the most effective herbs for cysts. One of the most effective ways of treating cysts is through increasing the potassium level within the body. Hence, if one takes dandelion extract, it is not surprising that it will help in the treatment of cysts. To make the herbal tea with dandelion dried herbs, one can steep the herb into hot water for approximately 15 minutes. Drink this on a daily basis to shrink the already formed cysts and other health disorders such as tumors.

dandelion tea

Bitter Orange

A popular Chinese herbal medication for cysts, bitter orange extract is also very effective in treating problems relating to menstruation. For best results, the patient can make an herbal tea using bitter orange peel and boiling water. One must drink the tea on a daily basis and this can prevent the occurrence and also treat the already formed cysts.

bitter orange


A popular European herb, chasteberry is also known as vitex or monk’s pepper. Though the herb is not very effective in treatment of all kind of cysts, it is known to treat fibroid cysts and acne cysts. But while considering to treat cysts with chasteberry supplements, one must understand that it is a strong herb that can interrupt with pregnancy and cause complications; hence, avoid taking chasteberry extract if you are pregnant.



Sheep Sorrel

A member of the Buckwheat family, sheep sorrel is also known as Rumex acetosella. A common cyst treatment herb, the plant’s leaves are considered to be the part of the plant that has maximum medicinal properties. Hence, it is the leaves that are used to treat cysts and also other health problems including liver problems and also cancer. To treat cysts, the leaves are roasted and made into a poultice that is applied onto the affected area. While making the poultice, one can also use olive instead of water. Olive oil is known to be more effective in eliminating cysts. The antioxidant compounds of the plant leaves that also contain of tannin and oxalic acid, effectively treats cysts.


Grown in parts of North America, it is a popular herb that is used by physicians to prevent the occurrence of cysts. Known to trigger production of white blood cells, Echinacea is a popular herbal plant that is known to treat cysts, particularly ovarian cysts.


Evening Primrose

If you are suffering from cysts, application of evening primrose oil can counteract with the disorder quite effectively. Known to contain high amounts of fatty acids, the flowers of the plant can be used to make an herbal concoction that can be applied onto the affected area. This is known to instantly relieve the patient of any pain that is caused by the cyst. Alternatively, one can also make an evening primrose extract tea that can be consumed on a regular basis to treat cysts and prevent the formation of new cysts.

evening primrose oil


Another North American medicinal herb, cysts can be treated with goldenseal or orangeroot extract. Containing high levels of berberine alkaloid, goldenseal fights off the acne cysts effectively. To treat cysts, one can make an herbal tea steeping goldenseal herb into boiling water for approximately 15 minutes. Patients have the option of either drinking the tea or soaking a washcloth and applying onto the cysts. Doing this on a regular basis draws out the pus, which leads to permanent removal of the cyst.

golden seal

Frankincense Oil

Considered to be one of the oldest herbal oils, regular application of frankincense oil is considered to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate formation of cysts. The fact that the oil regulates the estrogen hormone production, the oil is known to enhance the reproductive system in women – making it an effective treatment for post-menopausal cysts.

frankincense oil

Tea Tree Oil

Many do not consider using any type of oil due to the fear that it might worsen the situation. But with tea tree oil such fears are baseless. Considered to be one of the most effective herbal treatments for cysts, tea tree oil is known for its antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic, and antiseptic characteristics. To treat cysts, mix the oil with water and soak a washcloth and compress the cysts with the washcloth. Used by many local healers in Australia, one must compress the cysts with a washcloth soaked in tea tree oil on a daily basis.

tea tree oil


A prominent name in the list of Ayurveda medicines, turmeric is a cooling herb that is very effective in treating cysts and boils. To treat the condition, one can make turmeric paste by blending turmeric powder, Epsom salt powder, water, and onion. The paste can be applied overnight onto the cyst and this can effectively treat the condition effectively and rather instantly.



One of the common kitchen ingredients, garlic can cure cysts by dissolving the pus. Containing high levels of bioflavanoids, one can either consume raw garlic cloves or have supplements on a regular basis to eliminate cysts that are formed in different parts of the body.


Red Clover

Known to be a blood cleanser, it is known to treat infected wounds and cysts effectively. One can regularly take red clover supplements that can enhance the body functions and the immune system. This treats and prevents cysts effectively.

red clover


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.