Childhood is a very tough period for most of the children as they have to cope with a lot of things that goes around them. Balancing school life, studies, family affairs friends and their own private world may seem easy, but in reality they are extremely strenuous. In such a phase, it is quite common for a child to have some anxieties. These anxieties can range over factors as simple as having good grades or excelling in sports to more serious issues like imagining friends and being anxious about their whereabouts.

child anxiety

There are few anxieties that most of the children face, most common of them being obsessive compulsive disorders. Others may include a wave of panic attack, social anxiety disorder, selective mutism, etc. however, these anxieties are very much curable with the help of herbal remedies for child anxiety.

Top 5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Child Anxiety

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is probably one of the best herbal remedies for child anxiety. Chamomile is an effective herb that calms your nerves, both in the mind and in your stomach.

For children suffering from stress, a daily dose of the chamomile tea can increase their appetite as well as reduce digestive disorders. It also helps in reducing headaches and improving the functions of the liver and the lungs.

chamomile tea


Part of the mint family, catnip is a very unique type of herb that is used to treat most of the symptoms associated with anxieties and panic. It can successfully treat insomnia, one of the main reasons for anxiety attacks.

It also helps reduce digestive tract disorders like stomach cramps, irritation, spasms and increases appetite, since these are few of the reasons that children feel anxious about.


Kava Kava

The best amongst the best of herbal remedies for child anxiety, Kava Kava is a favorite for treating moderate to severe anxieties in children and adults alike. It is known to wipe away the effects of stress, insomnia and of course anxiety disorders.

The main reason behind the success of this excellent herb is that unlike other herbal supplements, it not only attacks the symptoms that causes anxiety but also affects anxious thoughts. However it is an extremely bad option if the child is already on any other medication or has liver problems as the herb causes side effects when intermingled with drugs.



It is known as the better half of Kava Kava as t has primarily the same effect as the herb minus the side effects. It is prescribed for mild to moderate anxiety levels though in some cases it also works against severe anxiety disorders. It helps in reducing insomnia and muscle tension, prevents nerve agitation, headaches, hot flashes and of course mood swings.

passion flower


Hops has been used to treat mental disorders since the early ages. Known to work better than bee, this herb is used to treat symptoms like, insomnia, headaches, nervousness and stress. Other beneficial effects include treating indigestion and reduce fever, though they do not quite add up to anxieties.


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