Chest pain has become rampant nowadays. It can be absolutely frightening and disturbing. Chest pain is primarily related to heart attack even though there are several other causes. One such case is angina. Angina is the pain experienced in the chest or some kind of disturbance caused due to inadequate or improper supply of blood to this specific area of the body.

angina pain

Angina is a warning of something serious and it is recommended to take immediate treatment. This disorder is a coronary heart disease that mainly occurs due to insufficient flow of blood to the heart because of the coronary arteries becoming tapered due to the plaque buildup. Some symptoms of angina include tightness, pressure, heaviness, and excruciating pain in the chest. A few herbal remedies for angina pain are mentioned below.

Various Herbal Remedies For Angina Pain

Basil Leaves

The popular holy herb in India referred to as Tulsi has immense medicinal properties and has been used from ancient times to heal several ailments.

Its genuinity in curing angina, not just treatment is remarkable. Chewing on some fresh tulsi leaves early in the morning works magic in the treatment of this condition. Alternatively, you can also make the juice of basil leaves. You can combine a couple of spoons of concentrated basil juice with warm water, if fresh basil leaves are not available.

basil leaves


Parsley is known to be the most essential herb in the treatment of angina pain and it is easily available. Parsley can be consumed in the dried form or fresh form. Parsley tea can be prepared and it is highly recommended to drink this herbal infusion.

The aroma is amazing and the taste is very good. Intake of parsley on a regular basis is very effective and beneficial in seeing great results in the treatment of angina and the pain associated with it.



Hawthorn is known to have great healing qualities especially with regards to heart disorders like palpitations, cardiovascular issues, arteriosclerosis, angina and heart stings. The berry of Hawthorn belongs to the rose family and works like a partner in the cardiovascular system.

It helps in dilating the coronary arteries, boosts oxygenation and enhances the energy metabolism in the heart. It relaxes the blood vessels and increases the heart’s capacity in pumping the blood.



For ages, the herb Bilberry is used to effectively treat vascular problems and blood disorders, which include thrombosis, angina and varicose veins.

Research conducted and studies done on this herb have revealed its beneficial effects in blood circulation, atherosclerosis, angina and stroke. Not only this, this herb is effectual in treating other ailments like enhancing varicose veins and eyesight and many more to its list of benefits.



The antioxidant qualities in the herb Ginkgo is very helpful in neutralizing the molecules that are harmful, and referred to as free radicals. Ginkgo is effective in boosting the supply of blood to every nook and corner and increases the efficiency of the cells of the heart.

It also helps in keeping the platelets from adhering with each other and works as a tonic. It is suggested to have around forty to eighty milligrams of ginkgo, which is available as capsules. Three capsules everyday will prove beneficial.

ginkgo biloba

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