Tooth abscess is a condition where pus and infected material are accumulated in the tooth, which is brought about by bacteria invading the center or pulp of the tooth.

abscessed tooth

The information report provided by the national centre for biotechnology says that abscess in the tooth indicates a serious decay, even though this condition may also be due to trauma of the tooth. In certain cases, it may also affect the bones surrounding the abscessed tooth. Discussed below are few herbal remedies to effectively treat tooth abscess.

Best Herbal Remedies For Abscessed Tooth


Chamomile is well known as an effective remedy in the treatment of tooth abscesses. It has been recommended to drink three to four cups of chamomile tea every day to get positive results in the treatment of tooth abscess.

If swelling is caused due to tooth abscess, this herb could be used to give fermentation or compress on the swollen area of the cheek. This should be done several times every day until the infection clears. Chamomile has anti inflammatory qualities and enhances the tissue healing.


Olive Leaf

The health benefits of olive fruit and olive leaves are known from ancient times. Olive leaf is garnering a lot of attention for its antibiotic qualities. This leaf has properties, which help combat infections. Oleyropein, a component found in olive leaf acts as an anti bacterial and anti viral qualities. This property of olive helps in the treatment of bacterial infections by acting as an antibiotic. It decreases inflammation which causes pain.


Echinacea has the power to battle infections like abscess in the tooth and helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to infection. This is made possible due to the antibiotic quality it naturally possesses, which aids in combating the infection.

Echinacea is suggested to be consumed as a tea and gargled at least three to four times every day. This herb also comes in tincture and capsule forms and can be used as per the instructions and directions mentioned to help fight the tooth abscess.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of melaleuca and helps in oral health and is proven to be a strong and effective antiseptic, which behaves like an antibiotic. The antibacterial qualities of tea tree oil helps battle the infections caused by tooth abscess. Applying a couple of drops of this miracle oil on the tooth brush and brushing with it many times everyday can give relief. The other way of using it is to mix about ten drops of this oil with water and administer it like a mouth wash by rinsing and swishing about four times every day.

tea tree oil

Peppermint Leaves

The leaves of the peppermint herb works similar to clove oil in getting rid of the pain associated with tooth abscess. It is believed that when you chew peppermint leaves it works effectively and helps you get a lot of relief. Menthol which is the primary component found in peppermint works as an anti inflammatory agent and soothes the pain in the individual who suffers from abscessed tooth.

Take one or two peppermint leaves and keep chewing on them till it gets completely wet. Once it becomes completely ground and wet place it gently over the affected tooth. Let it remain for some time, after that rinse it off with saline water.

pappermint leaves

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