Abortion is a painful but at times necessary decision. A woman knows best when she is mentally and emotionally ready to become a mother. Under excruciating circumstances she may decide to abort her unborn child. However, there is a lot of taboo attached with abortion and women who decide to get abortion done of their own free will are labeled ‘evil’ and are ostracized from the society. The only secretive way of doing abortion is by using herbs within the safety and privacy of your home.


Since ancient times women have been using herbs for controlling conception. This secret remedy was passed on from one generation to another orally because abortion has always been frowned upon by the society. Hence, very limited knowledge of herbs that can be used for abortion is available to us today. Most of this knowledge is preserved in writings by men. Therefore, we cannot be sure of the accuracy of these herbs.

Before we look at the herbs that can help induce miscarriage, a word of caution; the essential oil of these herbs is not recommended for internal use. The concentration of essential oils is very high and powerful and using them incorrectly has resulted in death of several women over the years. Most of the herbs used for inducing abortion are available in tincture form or in oil form. Some of them also come as infusions (that are prepared by soaking the herb in olive oil). Only these are safe to use.

Herbal Remedies for Inducing Abortion

Given below is a list of the herbs that have been used for inducing miscarriage in women. These herbs should be used only after consultation with an herbalist. You can also find out more about the abortifacient nature of the herbs by doing an internet research.

Dong Quai

Ironically the herb is also used for correcting fertility related problems in women. But the herb is also known for causing powerful contractions of the uterus thereby expelling the fetus from the body. The herb is also known as Angelica.

dong quai

Black Cohosh

This herb is a known muscle relaxant. It helps relax the muscles thereby opening the cervix and preparing it for natural ‘birth’. Black cohosh is often given towards the end of pregnancy to help ease the labor. However, in this case since the fetus is not yet fully formed it results in miscarriage. The herb is safe for use only during the first trimester of pregnancy. Thereafter, it can result in excessive bleeding in women. Use it cautiously.

black cohosh

Cotton Root Bark

The herb is known to cause disruption in the normal functioning of progesterone and the corpus luteum. Any disturbance in the level of progesterone during pregnancy can result in miscarriage. The herb also induces uterine contraction thereby expelling the fetus from the body.

cotton root bark

Evening Primrose

This herb is used during the final stage of pregnancy when a woman is unable to deliver naturally because the cervix is not yet open. Evening primrose helps dilate the cervix to the required limit thus helping induce labor. During home births many women and their mid-wives make use of this herb to prepare the cervix for delivery. During the initial phase of pregnancy the herb will not be fully absorbed by the body and hence the cervix will not dilate completely. However, the cervix will open to some extent and the fetus will pass out.

evening primrose oil


This herb is commonly used in cooking but not many people are aware that it is a very strong and powerful abortifacient. Many times the herb is used for starting delayed periods. The herb is used as a pessary and introduced into the vagina to start the process of abortion. The herb acts directly on the cervix to prepare it for the release of the fetus.



This is a very dangerous herb because of its highly toxic nature. Pennyroyal was used in ancient times to induce miscarriages. However, this is not a very popular choice today because of the many side effects associated with the herb.



Raw pineapple is known to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. This is one reason pineapple is not given to women who are expecting. This is a topical fruit and women of the region use it for abortion. Pineapple causes thinning of the blood and encourages heavy loss of blood from the body. Women who are menstruating are advised against eating pineapples. However, for abortion one has to eat at least 4-5 raw pineapples in one day alone. Along with this, drinking juice of raw pineapple also helps.



This herb is a strong abortifacient and should be used only after consulting an herbalist. It has many side effects because of its highly toxic nature. Hence, using tansy for abortion is not really worth it though it has been used since ancient times for inducing miscarriage.


Rose Hip

Who would have thought that this essential oil will find its way in our list of abortifacients? But the truth is that rose hip is a rich source of vitamin C, which can cause abortion. Rose hip is perhaps the safest of the herbs listed here. However, the herb works only when used before completing 5 weeks of pregnancy.

You will have to take most of the herbs in tea form. But in order to induce miscarriage you will have to drink many cups of the herbal tea throughout the day (including at night). Set an alarm clock at night so as not to miss your dose of herbal tea. This will ensure that the herbs are present in your body throughout. If you do not take the herbal concoction for eight or more hours it may not show any results.

Many women also recommend that it is important to do some vigorous form of physical exercise or to tire yourself out with lots of physical work in order to aid the herbs. Running, jumping rope or extensive traveling will help fasten the process of abortion. Some women have reported that wearing tight pants (along with consuming the herbal concoctions) also helps.

rose hip tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.