In its most basic definition an ear congestion is a state of blockage in the ear and may cause pain, moderate difficulty in hearing, tinnitus or a mild sound in the ear, dizziness and also stuffiness. Allergies leading to infection and simultaneous pain are often considered as one of the dominant causes of ear congestion, apart from cold and sinus all of which causes an excess of mucus to be built up in the ear. Congestion can even take place while travelling in an aeroplane, when there is a sudden change in cabin air-pressure, caused due to fluctuating altitude.

ear congestion

Treatment of ear congestion should be done preferable by using herbal remedies keeping in mind the sensitivity of the tiny ear bones and eardrums. For ear congestion, there is the acute and the chronic stage and prescription should reflect the same. In the acute stage the symptoms are more dominant. In the chronic stage the symptoms are prolonged. Herbal remedies as the ones stated below should be used bearing in mind this factor.

Useful Herbal Remedies For Ear Congestion


Echinacea proves useful when tending to the “otitis media.” Often seen in children, “otitis media” is an inflammation of the middle ear caused by excessive building up of fluids in the eardrums. The herb helps in curbing ear blockage by being able to fight off infection and enhance the immune system. Moreover, it also helps increase the count of white blood cells in the body.

“Otitis media” which is actually a form of bacterial infection is therefore successfully combated by these properties. The herb can be consumed in a liquid form in an alcohol base or in capsules and tablets. In the worst condition the herb can be taken every alternative hour and decrease the dosage to thrice a day as required.


Olive Leaf Extract

With over 40 global medical publications celebrating its qualities, olive leaf stimulates the process of ‘phagocytises.’ This is an internal mechanism where the white blood cells are able to ingest or consume all harmful foreign matter that enters the body.

For ear congestion therefore, olive leaf helps to destroy any microorganism that causes an infection. During acute stages, this too can be taken in capsules or in liquid form, preferably thrice daily. A modest dose of two pills a day is recommended if being taken on a preventive basis.

olive leaf extract

Osha or “Ligusticum Porter”

This herb creates resins which is useful in reducing inflammation and opening the lungs. As such it treats coughs and any other capillary congestion. It also treats allergies and formation of excessive mucus. As far as dosage is concerned, extracts of the root should be taken based on the symptoms and degree of congestion, while it is forbidden during pregnancy. It is available in stores both for external and internal consumption, in the form of osha sprays and syrups.


Astragalus was used primarily in cases of chronic ear congestion, the herb astragalus has the medicinal qualities to protect and strengthen the immune system. Additionally it helps in giving stamina to the body and helps in guarding off additional infections, especially during flu when the body is prone to external germs.

As such for repetitive ear blockages caused mainly by infection, astragalus is often a preferred remedy. It is however advised that during a fever, children should not be given this herb. It is also unadvisable to those prescribed to immunosuppressive drugs. A doctors’ prescription is recommended for this drug.

astragalus tea

Bale And Neem

It is known for its antiseptic properties, neem leaves can successfully kill microorganism causing ear infection. It is advised that for best results, first a bael root should be immersed in neem oil. This oil should then be gently dropped on the ear, to achieve its desired intention.


Gingko Biloba

This herb is however more effective for chronic ear congestion, where symptoms can vary from prolonged tinnitus to dizziness and also subsequent loss of hearing. The herb is renowned for its ability to increase blood circulation, in this case, to the ears. This automatically improves the supply of oxygen resulting in efficiency of blood cells. However, in the treatment of tinnitus, timing is an important factor.

On its inception, if a patient is given a daily modest doze of 240gms for the initial three months, then there is a 90% possibility of the defect getting cured. If dosage starts post the first year, chances of success lessens to a meagre 20% only.

All these herbs should be taken in recommended measures as excessive intake may leads to some side effects and allergies.

gingko biloba

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.