White hair is an overgrowing problem these days and is equally prevalent among both men and women that too at a young age. You can account many factors responsible for your discolored hair like: the everyday stress, pollution, use of chemical hair products or genetic heredity. However, do not worry if you see an extra white hair ray this time on your scalp as these could be cured but with a progressive effort.

white hair

Experts suggest many herbal remedies that are easily available in every house and bear no side effects to cure white hair naturally. There are many old days recipes that are taking a comeback now. Some common food items that always find their place in your kitchen could be made the best use of. Besides these, eating green vegetables, yellow fruits, and Copper or Zinc rich food improves your overall hair health and little by little reduces graying.

The article below divulges in some beneficial yet common natural treatments for white hair. You can easily implement these tips by simple concoction of various natural products.

Beneficial Natural Treatments For White Hair

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla is the most potent hair tonic for hair pigmentation and overall health. You can mix some amla juice with Almond Oil and apply it on your scalp. Or try boiling dried Amla with Coconut oil till it turns black and massage this at the hair roots every day.

All the more you could orally consume some Amla juice, this delays hair ageing and pigmentation.


Cow’s Butter Milk

The butter extracted from Cow’s milk has a great tendency to delay hair pigmentation at an early age. This should be massaged on your scalp twice in a week without fail.

In adjunct, mix some Yeast and Wheat germ to two teaspoons of Buttermilk and take this orally daily to cure premature hair graying naturally.

cow’s butter milk

Black Raisins

Black Raisins are rich source of Copper and Zinc that secrete Melanin for hair blackening.

Take Black Raisins daily morning with same amount of Black Pepper and Hot milk as a powerful natural treatment for white hair.

black raisins

Amla And Shikakai

This is an age old recipe being practiced in almost every house of India. Soak 10-12 soap nut seeds and Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) pods in one pint of water. Now separately soak some dried Amla in 2 cups of water and leave both the mixtures overnight. Boil the first mixture and strain it to make a mild herbal shampoo at home. Strain Amla and water to use the liquid as conditioner.

Follow this method every weekend or at least once in a week’s time. This treatment leaves your hair shiny, healthy and covers hair grey naturally.


Rosemary And Sage Leaves Tea

A natural treatment for white hair is to mix equal amounts of Rosemary and Sage leaves tea to a cup of water. Steep this mixture thoroughly and strain to use as a natural white hair colorant.


Ginger And Honey

The nutritional benefits and herbal properties of Ginger and Honey together prove phenomenal to cure white hair permanently. Grate some Ginger and soak it in ½ cup Honey, preserve this mixture and consume everyday to delay onset of white hair.

ginger and honey

Henna And Yogurt Mask

Make a paste using some Henna Powder, Yogurt, Fenugreek Powder, Coffee Powder, Mint and Basil leaves juice. Apply this paste as a mask on your hair by separating different strands and leave it to dry for 3 hours. Now wash with cold water or use a mild shampoo to remove the stickiness of the paste. This application makes your hair appear shiny and reduces white hair slowly.

It is essential to start a healthy diet regime and include lots of minerals like Iodine, Copper and Zinc to cure white hair. Choose your eatables wisely; leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating tangy or greasy food might be a precursor to white hair. Also, eating anti oxidant rich food needs a special mention as this damages free radicals that degenerate your hair cells.

henna and yogurt mask

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.