Breast soreness

Sore breast is the condition which all women suffer from at least once in their lifetime. In fact it is a very common problem and for some women it repeats every month before and during the menstrual cycle. This happens due to elevated levels of oestrogen in the body. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also experience soreness quite frequently.The symptoms include tenderness, mild to severe pain, lumps, polycystic breasts and heaviness in the breast. Soreness along with lumps should never be ignored as it may mark the onset of breast cancer. In Green Leafy Vegetables

High fibre food like oats, cabbage, whole grains, fortified cereal are also recommended when suffering from sore breasts. Reducing inflammation is important in this condition. All foods that are rich in omega3 fatty acids are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Oily fish like salmon, cod liver oil, walnuts, eggs are important sources of this essential fatty acid. Calcium and magnesium also play an important role in restoring the hormonal imbalance. Spinach, milk, cheese, bananas, avocados and dark chocolate are the examples of food items rich in either of these two nutrients. If you experience cyclical soreness in breast then moderate and lessen your salt intake. Avoid unnecessary salt in salads, juices etc.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are widely used for fighting inflammation as it is a rich source of Omega3 fatty acids. It is also high on fibre. However, these are not the only reason why flax seeds make an excellent remedy for breast soreness. The main reason is that it produces a chemical called lignans which is just like oestrogen and competes with it in the body.


This reaction causes the actual oestrogen to go down which reduces the soreness. Women who suffer from cyclical breast soreness should consume flaxseeds regularly making it part of salads, baked products and meals. You will find that gradually the pain associated with breast before the menstrual cycle, will come down with each cycle. Flax seeds however are best avoided if you are pregnant. Besides do not overdo this remedy or it will work in an exactly opposite manner.

Breastfeeding And Weaning

If  you are breastfeeding, then avoid feeding directly from the breast for a few days. Just extract the milk and refrigerate it immediately. Breast milk can be kept refrigerated for 24 hours without it getting spoilt. You may also go for artificial nipples that are placed on the actual nipples, this helps the baby in having milk naturally and reduce the discomfort for you. In the initial weeks after you have given birth, the production of milk is much more than the requirement of your baby. Just ensure that you extract the excess milk otherwise it builds up and hardens in the breast making them heavy and extremely sore. If you are weaning the baby, then also it is important that you keep extracting the excess milk regularly. Learn and consult the doctor about the right way of latching your baby while feeding. We must think that it comes naturally to mothers, but it is surprising that most of the new mothers struggle with feeding their babies initially. And this is also the time when the maximum damage and soreness takes place.


Warm Up To It

Warm water contact is known for its soothing properties. Apart from warm water even warm compresses are found to be very helpful when it comes to breast soreness. This remedy is also very safe and beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

Warm Compress

Take some warm water in a mug and soak each breast one by one in the mug for about 5 minutes. This also eases the lumpy milk remnants in the breasts of breastfeeding mothers. Alternatively, keep a hot water bag as you rest your breast on it while sleeping. This will dissuade the milk accumulation and soothe the pain in the breast.

Warm Oil Massage

Oil massage is another simple and effective remedy for alleviating soreness in the breast. It is best followed after the warm compress, however you can directly jump to massaging as well. However, you must start very slowly as some people suffer from extreme soreness in the breast. Apply warm mustard, olive or coconut oil on the breast.

Oil Massage

Then place your hands under the breast and massage gently outwards. Repeat this action 4-5 times and then place your palm on the upper front of the breast and massage in a downward action. Alternate between these two massaging actions for about 10 minutes. This therapy is also helpful in cases of milk accumulation. The warmth and friction produced by massaging soothes the pain and eases the stiffness.

Simple Natural Tips

There are simple and natural tips that can actually make a lot of difference to the breast soreness. First things first, we all feel like throwing any constriction or tight clothes around the breast when suffering from soreness. However, this is the worst thing you can do for your condition. In fact in some cases, this can even lead to premature sagging of the breast. Select a right bra with adequate support in it.

The branded bras might seem costly but the fact is they support your breasts well and you can also get your size measured properly in such lingerie stores. Wearing maternity bras is a good option for breastfeeding women. Of course you need to keep them exposed to air and without bra for 1-2 hours everyday but rest of the time wear a good bra with padding in it. Reduce oestrogen exposure as it increases the breast tenderness.

Eating from plastic cups, plates, exposure to insecticides and chemicals are known to rocket your oestrogen levels up. Stick to organic food if you can. Test yourself for pregnancy as it can also cause soreness.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.