When you have breathing problem because of any obstruction in your nasal passage, it is the most uncomfortable situation of your life. Nasal polyps are the inner developments in the nasal cavities and are very painful. They generally grow into grape-like shape, and you may feel disgusted and tend to show the doctor for its healing.

nasal polyps

In order to have a good breath without suffocation, it is necessary to get rid of the nasal polyps. You may be prescribed to take injections or go for polyp surgery, but if you have the knowledge of home remedies why to opt for medical check-ups! Though nasal polyps are not serious issues but do not wait to get it severe which may affect your life too. Hence, you can attempt the 5 best home remedies for nasal polyps presented by us below.

5 Valuable Home Remedies For Nasal Polyps

Garlic And Onion

Garlic and Onion are considered as the best home remedies for nasal polyps. As both of them possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, they are beneficial in calming down the enlargement and nose clogging.

If it is possible for you then you can have fresh garlic and onion pieces, otherwise you can include them in your regular diet and have them till the polyp vanishes away.

garlic and onion

Citrus Fruits

Nasal polyps can be decreased by taking citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits and oranges. Rich in Vitamin C, citrus fruits assist in increasing your resistance so that polyps like damages can ward off easily. Vitamin C in citrus fruits even cracks the histamine in the body which stimulates the inflammation and hence causes allergies.

These fruits also contain bioflavonoid substance perfectly significant for the proper nasal tissues and it can stabilize the circumstances in the inner portion of the nose. You have to intake one or two citrus fruits daily till the polyp lessens fully.

citrus fruits

Horseradish and Honey

Containing anti-bacterial substances horseradish is yet another good home remedy as it vacates the passage of your nose in a better way. If you’re not willing to take only horseradish, you can make a nice mixture of two cups of grinded horseradish and two cups of honey, and drink it in the morning and night till the nasal polyps are finally eradicated.


Tea Tree Oil and Castor Oil

Tea tree oil holds anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, and castor oil which owns Vitamin C shields the body from causing any infectivity.

Hence you can take one teaspoon of castor oil daily to lower the nose polyps. Another option can be tea tree oil which you take as tropical remedy.

tea tree oil

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also advantageous home remedy for freeing from nasal polyps as it is helpful in fining the nasal mucus and shields the sinus from additional infectivity. Hence you can make a quick combination of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with two tablespoons of honey. Stir well and drink the mixture by adding in glass of lukewarm water.

You will notice that swelling due to polyps will reduce and the nose congestion will open up too as you can breathe coolly and nasal polyps will slowly disappear.Therefore leave aside your worries regarding nasal polyps by treating yourself with the above effective home remedies as soon as possible.

apple cider vinegar

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.