5 Remedies For Burning Feet

Burning feet is a nervous and circulatory disorder in which the patient experiences severe inflammation, pain and irritation in the feet. The burning sensation alleviates at night and eases after morning, the real reason behind which is not clear.

5 Remedies For Burning Feet

Burning feet mainly occurs due to an impaired circulatory system or weakened nerves, the reason behind which may a deficiency of vitamin B complex. Hence, apart from consuming vitamin B enriched foods, indulging in practicing some of these effective home remedies may also help you get relief from the problem.

Effective Home Remedies For Burning Feet

Soft Insole Shoes

Since burning feet is a nervous disorder, it is important to ensure that you wear shoes having soft insoles. This minimizes the chances of friction and strain and also provides relief to the soles of feet. Shoes with cushioned soles not only minimizes the chances of pain and burning sensation creeping up but also provides long term relief while standing for a long time. Other than ensuring that your shoes have soft insoles, you must also ensure that you don’t wear sweat absorbing socks or shoes as that can aggravate your problem.

soft insole shoes

Frozen Bottle

A very strategic home remedy for burning foot is to use a frozen bottle. Doctors suggest that rolling the frozen bottle under the feet helps to relax and stretch the soft tissues in the arch of the feet, thereby relieving the strain and pain tired feet may experience.

Other than that, the ice in the bottle also helps to relieve the severe inflammation and pain commonly experienced due to burning feet. Rolling the bottle for 10-15 minutes under each foot will definitely help you get some instant relief from the problem.

frozen bottle

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is a very important vitamin supplement for treating burning feet as vitamin B3 or niacin plays a very vital role in strengthening weakened nerves. Apart from nurturing the week nerves, vitamin B3 or niacin also provides support to the nerves and prevents them breaking in strenuous situations like while standing for long hours.

You can either take vitamin B3 supplements in the form of medications or you can also consume niacin enriched foods like milk, peas, egg yolk, beans and yogurt. Consuming vitamin B3 supplements or niacin-enriched foods will definitely help you get long term relief from this nervous disorder.

vitamin b3


Ginger is very popular for its multifarious medicinal properties which include relieving stress, inflammation and promoting blood circulation. All these three properties of ginger make it a very good and effective home remedy for burning feet. Raw ginger root added to warm foot soak can help relieve the feet from pain and inflammation while adding a small piece of ginger root to warm oil can act as very effective massage oil for treating impaired blood circulation.

Ginger is also a storehouse of vitamin B, including vitamin B3 or niacin which is considered to be very important for maintaining strong nerves and is very essential for treating burning feet. The anti-inflammatory effect of ginger helps to reduce the intensity of burning sensation experienced by people suffering from burning feet.


Avoid Alcohol

It is very important for people suffering from burning feet to completely avoid alcohol consumption as alcohol tends to aggravate the issue by dilating the blood vessels. This effect in turn leads to enhanced blood flow to the extremities of the foot and which ultimately leads to inflammation and swelling of the feet.

Apart from impairing the circulatory system, alcohol also have a very deteriorating effect on the nervous system. Regular consumption of alcohol tends to weaken the nerves thereby leading to serious health disorders like burning feet.