Cough and cold become causes of concern whether the sufferer is an aged person or just a kid. If you do hear a coughing sound marked by a wheezing sound

asthma wheezing

that occurs in the passages that might block the airway, there ought to be a reason for it. The person suffering could have allergies developed due the deposition of mucous inside the bronchial tubes, causing difficulty in breathing normally.

Act II? The patient might feel a lot of uneasiness. In the worst case scenario, the patient might be fighting against pneumonia or bronchitis. Phew! What aching trouble in the neck could all this be? It’s better to be prepared against asthma.

Effective Home Remedies for Asthma Wheezing

Honey Based Remedy

Honey could be as good as nectar to soothe your soul. Ohio! What a pulsating cure. Possessing both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, this golden gel like liquid can prevent wheezing and relieve a patient from its worst effects.

Honey boosts your immune system like petrol to the car engine. Home-made solutions include honey and ginger or honey and garlic preparations.


Garlic Based Remedy

Garlic, the medicinal bulb can be consumed to prevent asthma wheezing and also to nullify mucous growth in the bronchial tubes. Whoa! So much in such a little package!

Taking three to four cloves of garlic everyday can reduce asthma. You can dice the garlic and gulp it down your throat like tablets along with water if the smell bothers you.


Flax Seeds as a Cure

Flax seeds are also a good home made remedy to cure asthma wheezing. It is seen that flax is an anti-inflammatory agent with omega 3 fatty seeds. To prevent asthma wheezing, flax ought to be taken on a regular basis and this can reduce the double trouble to a greater extent.

A spoonful of flax oil can be taken on a daily basis. Half a teaspoon of flax seeds can be chewed regularly to keep asthma wheezing under control.


Mustard Seeds as a Remedy

Camphor and Mustard are known to be of immense importance as well. Mustard oil prevents wheezing especially the deposition of mucous. If taken with camphor the efficacy of home remedy comes into light.

Warm some amount of mustard oil and then mix some camphor powder to it. Then gently massage in the chest area and this would relieve you of the wheezing trouble.

mustard seeds

Coffee as a Remedy

Coffee! A lot can happen over it. A cup of hot black coffee can help you get rid of asthma. Caffeine is said to have the same positive power as theophylline to prevent inflammation.

In fact take several cups of hot coffee throughout the day. This is a home based medication that would help prevent asthma wheezing.

Asthma ought to be prevented as it is cause of so many troubles for the people who suffer from it. Firstly, it disturbs the sanctity at the patient’s home. Sometimes, due to the difficulty in breathing the sufferer has to be rushed to the doctor within a few minutes as it is life threatening. Life is meant to be lived peacefully and in a healthy way. So be it with home remedies for asthma!


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.