Lyme DiseaseLyme disease is a complicated infection caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi that is carried by ticks. It can also be transmitted from person to person by contact with body fluids, blood transfusion and in many other ways. Also, the lyme disease causing bacteria may be carried by mites, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and some flies, and you may get it when you get a bite from them. It is considered a complicated infection as the affected person may show symptoms which are easily confused with those of many other diseases.

An affected person shows early symptoms like headache, body pain, chills, fever, stiff neck, and swollen lymph nodes. Other symptoms include bowel problems, mood swings and sleep disorder. A circular rash may or may not occur at the site of tick bite. Lyme disease treatment can get to be quite tricky as it is first of all difficult to diagnose, and then it often gets diagnosed as some other disease that it mimics.

The lyme bacteria is very clever and learns to hide inside body cells and tissues, rearranging its gene structure often, thus making it difficult to treat it with antibiotics. However, natural treatments that use home remedies, herbs and alternative cures have been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of lyme disease. Given here are some of the best natural treatments.

Natural treatments For Lyme Disease

Garlic And Turmeric

garlicGarlic contains substances that help to kill bacteria and strengthen your immune system. You should eat 3-4 raw garlic cloves daily if you are suffering from lyme disease. Also, have turmeric every day as it contains a compound called curcumin that has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in two tablespoons of honey and have once daily. Regular consumption of garlic and turmeric will provide an effective natural cure for lyme disease.


FlaxseedIt is important to strengthen your immune system if you are suffering from lyme disease. Flaxseeds contain high amount of natural omega3 fatty acids that will help boost your immunity.

You can simply chew on some flaxseeds daily and wash them down with water, or else make a fine powder and sprinkle over the food and salads. Flaxseed oil is also very beneficial and you should consume 5-6 teaspoons of it daily.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus FruitsVitamin C is one of the best natural cures for lyme disease as it protects your body from infections and helps to keep the blood clean. Citrus fruits are the richest sources of vitamin C and you should consume these daily if you have been diagnosed with lyme disease.

These will help to fight the infection and heal your body. Have oranges, lemons, grapefruit and Indian gooseberry regularly.


YogurtBowel problems are often seen in people suffering from lyme disease. The naturally occurring good bacteria in your gut are killed due to intake of antibiotics and the imbalances caused in the stomach lining.

Consuming yogurt regularly will help restore this balance and provide the gut with good bacteria that are essential for proper digestion. So, have 2-3 bowls of yogurt daily, or have buttermilk, in order to strengthen your immunity and improve the gut health.

Aloe Vera

Aloe-VeraAloe vera possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is one of the best natural cures for treating the symptoms of lyme disease.

It helps to treat the disease and also boosts your immune system. Consume fresh aloe vera juice daily as it will also help detoxify your body and improve your bowel movements which get affected due to lyme disease.


EchinaceaAn herb with immense healing properties, Echinacea is used widely as a natural treatment of lyme disease. It has strong antimicrobial properties and does not have any side effects.

Consuming Echinacea daily will help your body to fight the infection as it improves the capability of the white blood cells of your body to kill the disease causing pathogens. You can prepare an herbal tea with Echinacea and have it thrice a day, or have it in the capsule form.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf ExtractYour body undergoes a lot of stress due to the lyme disease causing pathogens in your body. Antibiotics can increase this stress, whereas olive leaf extracts contain natural antibiotics which provide a natural treatment.

Other infections may occur in your body due to a lowered immunity when you have lyme disease, and consuming olive leaf extracts will also help your body fight these infections effectively.


AcupunctureMany people suffering from lyme disease have opted for this natural treatment and found relief from the pain. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that is based on stimulation of certain areas that helps to alleviate pain and improves the functioning of the body organs.

An acupuncturist knows to locate these special points that are used to stimulate the immune system, treat the pain and rectify the hormonal imbalances in the body, thus providing a complete natural treatment for lyme disease.


Homeopathic TreatmentHomeopathy is very effective in treating lyme disease and provides a holistic solution for all complications that arise due to this disease. It will help you to recover completely and restore your normal health. Every individual is treated differently according to the symptoms and extent of the infection.

Some of the medicines used include ledum palustre, borrelia nosode, guaicum, Mercurius, platinum, argentum metallicum, plumbum, etc. These medicines are very safe and have no side effects. They should be consumed in consultation with your homeopath, ideally.


ExercisesIt is very important to exercise regularly if you are have been diagnosed with lyme disease. Exercising improves your blood circulation and the fresh oxygen in the blood helps to destroy the lyme disease causing bacteria in your body. Aerobics, stretching and strength training exercises will benefit you immensely.

Proper Nutrition

vegetables and fruitsYou should aim for a diet that helps eliminate toxins from your system. Also, avoid eating sugar, junk food, chocolates, table salt, baked products, caffeinated drinks, etc. that will cause a toxin build-up in your system.
Eat a natural and organic diet as far as possible. Home-made food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best natural way for the treatment of lyme disease.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.